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This Is the Trick to Wearing Wide-Leg Pants in the Winter

Because you just bought half a dozen pairs on sale.

This Is the Trick to Wearing Wide-Leg Pants in the Winter

If you’re like us, you’re finding yourself surfacing post-sale season in credit card debt and with an inexplicable number of wide-leg trousers. Next comes the realization that, while easy, breezy, and unreasonably comfortable, wide-leg pants aren’t as simply paired with your go-to ankle boots as skinny jeans or your die-hard skirt-and-tights combo. But have no fear: you can wear wide-leg trousers in the winter and keep your feet warm, and if you want, avoid the socks-and-sandals thing that a lot of fashion people advise—because, we’re sorry, but socks do nothing against a puddle of slush. We got you.


If they’re cropped…

Cropped pants do not have to mean exposed ankles. (They do look damn good with flat slides, but keep that in your back pocket for summertime.) The practical (and sophisticated) move is to wear ankle-hugging boots that disappear under the hem of your pants—Dorateymur and Balenciaga make great versions that go a little higher up the leg than your standard Isabel Marant or Acne Studios style. The other option? Socks and sneakers or loafers. This is most definitely more of a ~lewk~, so consider those statement socks carefully.

If they’re long…

The key when you have a pair of pants that end somewhere south of your ankles is tailoring. There are two options here: either they are long long and require heels to keep them off the ground, or they’re hemmed about an inch under your heel in bare feet. Either way, to get the leg-lengthening effect—the reason to wear pants like this in the first place—make sure the hem is no more than an inch off the ground when you’re in shoes with just the toe peeping out and a hint of the heel. With that in mind, choose your footwear based on heel height and the sole, and avoid interrupting the natural drape of the pants with wide ankle boots and a lot of embellishment (although a bit of embellishment on the toe will make for nice detail).

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