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Viola Davis' Must-Have Red Carpet Bag Item Is Genius

She might be the only person at the SAG awards to keep her shoes on all night.

Viola Davis' Must-Have Red Carpet Bag Item Is Genius

As someone who has officially given up on wearing heels, when Viola Davis announced that the one thing she did to get ready for the SAG Awards was "spray a little thing on my toe to numb the pain," I fell even harder in love with her. "I got it online!" She exclaimed, before pulling a spray stick of a product called "Still Standing" out of her clutch. This was right before she revealed she likes to chill with Octavia Spencer in her hot tub. Okay, Viola! Can I come?

Given that this might be the most useful information we gathered while watching the red carpet, here's the full kit of foot pain-prevention tools that would get you through hours on the carpet...should the opportunity ever arise. 



Still Standing

Full disclosure, I used this product the night of my wedding, spraying it all over my feet and ankles, and it actually worked. I kept my heels on for most of the night. It goes on with kind of a minty cool feeling, and numbs your feet ever so slightly—just so that you can stand walking, dancing, and partying in stilettos for as long as you want. 

Foot Petals Tip Toes

These spongey pads go underneath the balls of your feet, preventing that most hurty of parts from feeling like your foot bones are going to wear through the soles of your feet. Foot Petals makes these little strips of foam for all different parts of your shoes, but these are the best.

Compeed Blister Plasters

Someone incredibly chic recently turned me on to these and they are amazing. Thicker than a Band-Aids, but lacking a little cotton pad, these were designed specifically for preventing blisters. It's like gluing a callus on your foot—in a totally non-gross way. 

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