Getting Ready

How Bryce Dallas Howard Got Ready for the SAG Awards

The Black Mirror star talks working with Adir Abergel, and how Kara Yoshimoto Bua not only does her makeup, but also keeps her healthy.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Justin Campbell

Over the years we have seen the magic that Adir Abergel and Kara Yoshimoto Bua create when they work together, so when we heard that they were Bryce Dallas Howard’s glam squad for the SAG Awards (she’s nominated for Black Mirror!), we knew right away that we had to be there to capture all of the BTS action and glamour. From her red sequined Dress The Population gown, to Abergel’s newest hair accessories perfectly placed in her updo, to Bua’s fresh-faced, bright look, Howard headed to the red carpet looking like a living piece of art. But who are we kidding, we didn’t expect anything less from Virtue Labs’ newest creative director, Abergel, and CHANEL’s celebrity makeup artist, Bua—especially when you know they call one another, Howard included, family. Let’s just say it’s definitely one family that we would happily be adopted into.


“It’s not so much I get nervous [to walk the red carpet], it’s like I have to still remember to breathe. It’s sort of like I’m excited-tense, that kind of energy. It’s fun seeing everyone and it’s certainly not the scariest thing in the world, but it’s also not my comfort zone—my hands always get pretty clammy.”—Bryce

“Bryce is the best collaborator because she really just lets me do my thing. I came there while her hair was still wet, I was throwing it up, pulling it down, doing a side part, doing a middle part, and really playing with the shape and what I was thinking to do with her because I wanted to play with everything and have a conversation and show her the different ideas that I had thought about in my brain, but it never really comes together until the moment, until you see the dress in person.”—Adir

“I started working with Kara [Yoshimoto Bua] when I was 22 years old, she was one of the first makeup artists I ever worked with. In a way she was such a significant influence for me because she had such a light tough. She, herself, her makeup application—it’s effortless and magical. Similar to Adir, Kara has got a really healing energy and she’s also a very healthy person and has given me really great, sound—not only life advice but physical advice—and hooked me up with great doctors.”—Bryce

“[Bryce] is one of the warmest, most lovely human beings so everyone around her can be themselves. She is fun and experimental and open to new ideas too, so creatively also a joy to be with.”—Kara

“What I’ve seen of [Adir] working with Kara is they have a really inspired chemistry. When I’m working with them I basically have zero input because zero input is required—everything is always really elevated.”—Bryce

“What I’m looking forward to are the commercial breaks, truly. The commercial breaks are when you get to run around, see your friends, and have a blast. It’s really funny because, actors in particular, we’re all like children so we all need to be rounded up. It’s like, ‘The commercial is coming to an end. No, really. We’re counting down now!’. We need like twenty reminders. I’m always having to duck down at the last second behind someone's chair [laughing].”—Bryce

“I didn’t expect [to be nominated] at all! Honestly, it’s kind of wonderful. I’m heading off soon to start shooting the next Jurassic, and this will quite literally be the last sort of thing that I do before heading off to go film. The majority of this last year was press stuff—it was the release of Pete’s Dragon, Black Mirror, and now Gold, and this is the perfect end to that.”—Bryce

“We’re always very relaxed, it’s like a family. It’s very easy, chill, fun—we’re all very familiar with one another and we all love each other so much and we all trust each other's jobs. I work with Kara a lot so I didn’t really have to worry about her doing beautiful makeup [and] Bryce is the best when it comes to collaborating and really allowing artists to be artists, because she’s a real, true artist so she really understands giving people their time to do their craft.”—Adir

“I was inspired by waking up today with the sunshine and clear air. Despite all the challenges we are all facing, I wanted to focus on brighter, lively, beautiful colors, and I wanted to bring bright, joyful colors to complement her maroon sequined dress. I created a palette with the eyes slightly smoldering in warm coppers and apricots, using corals on the cheeks and a pop of deeper Rouge Corail on the lip to finish off the look.”—Kara

“Over the years [we’ve] become a family and we’re like troops going from city to city together, taking care of one another. Ultimately you go through enough time and everyone has been through one another's breakups, starting families—life phases. When it comes down to it, these are the individuals I feel inspired by, I feel supported by, and I feel grateful to get to know and get to work with.”—Bryce

“The dress was beautiful, it was beautiful on her—her body is so beautiful and hourglass. Immediately when I saw the dress on her and all her gorgeous curves, I wanted to go more modern than I would say to classic Hollywood, but yet have all of the elements of a classic kind of updo, but in a very, very modern way.”—Adir

“The minute that I saw that she wore these beautiful necklaces and a little choker, I knew that I had to elongate her neck and that her hair needed to be up at that point. I am coming out with a hair accessory line next month that will be sold on, and I had these two beautiful barrettes that I hadn’t used on anyone yet—they’re beautiful and gold, and they’re all handmade in New York City. Immediately when I saw the dress I knew I wanted to do this updo that had a little bit of an origami feel for it, in the back. I took the ponytail and lifted it up and then folded it over again so that the ends were facing down, and then I put two beautiful golds barrettes, a little bit on an angle, so it kind of laid everything flat.”—Adir

“I was honestly, more than anything, so proud to be there in that moment. [Bryce is] a real artist, she goes and gives her heart out to every project that she does and she is being celebrated for Black Mirror, nominated for it, and her performance was so beautiful and so incredible and so raw and so real. I just thought, I’m so happy that you look beautiful and that you feel beautiful, and that you can go there and celebrate yourself today. I’m like a proud dad with all of these girls. People think of them as celebrities and I think of them as artists, for me they are artists that I get to collaborate with.”—Adir