Fashion Superlatives

Fashion Superlatives: Miroslava Duma and Bella Hadid Win Best Dressed of the Week

Couture week really delivered on street style.

By: Laurel Pantin

If you’re a regular reader of Coveteur, you already know it’s couture week. Woohoo! Which means that this week, there was an abundance of good street and front-row style to ogle. You can find a brief primer on the week’s street style here, but just for good measure, we decided to give awards to our ultimate favorites in a new series we’re calling Fashion Superlatives.

Check back every Friday for our best dressed awards of the week.


Most Likely to Pair Her Couture with Hiking Gear: Miroslava Duma

“Fashion has its high-low moments, but Miroslava Duma in a Patagonia trucker hat, sitting at the Dior Haute Couture show, no less, takes it to another level—and one that we don’t hate. Claps all around for keeping in theme with Nikes and a Google baseball cap the next day, followed by a high school era hoodie and overcoat after that. Consider it inspiration for next weekend’s early-morning coffee run.” —Alicia Cesaro

Most Likely to Pair Well with Chocolate and Graham Crackers: Camille Charrière

“All joking aside, the fact that a massively puffy, marshmallow-esque coat is appropriate Paris couture-viewing wear is what I love most about fashion. Despite dreading wearing a very similar-looking coat as a child (for utilitarian, keep-warm-in-the-face-of-scary-cold Canadian winters), I would totally wear one of these now—eff the *subtle* subway stares.” —Emily

Most Likely to Be Used as Inspiration When Running Late: Bella Hadid

“I’m not sure what you throw on when you’re in a rush and need to be ready within minutes, but my go-to look isn’t nearly as polished as Bella Hadid’s. Between couture shows, the model (or better yet, her stylist) pulled together a combo of a cowl-neck sweater dress, over-the-knee boots, and colorful shades—simple, easy, but still ridiculously cute. If anything, it’s a good reminder to stock up on throw-on-and-go dresses, and to give that lampshading trick a try when I’m out of ideas and can’t bear to wear a button-down and jeans…again.” —Samantha Sutton

Best Way to Wear Pajamas to a Very Fancy Thing: Ana Giradot

“Everything about Ana Giradot’s outfit to Jean-Paul Gaultier couture makes me want to high-five the sky. It’s SO GOOD. She wins one hundred thousand claps for wearing essentially a bathrobe and pajama pants to a couture show and making it look so totally flawless. Also, her bangs. A+ for everything.” —Laurel Pantin

Most Likely to Become the Next Carebear: Caroline Daur

“Everything about Caroline Daur’s outfit during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week screams cuddly, cozy, and welcoming, and we are all for it. Extra points for her layering techniques and wearing the Vetements x Canada Goose parka like a pro.” —Jodi Taylor