Styling Tricks to Take You from the Office to a Date When It’s Cold as Hell Outside

Don’t fall into the jeans-and-sweater rut!

Styling Tricks to Take You from the Office to a Date When It’s Cold as Hell Outside

Let’s be honest: it’s not easy to stay on top of looking, well, like yourself in the winter. After all, not much about five different layers, chunky weather-proof boots, and an ensemble that leaves only your eyes showing (blizzards, ugh) screams effortlessly beautiful. But alas, the truth is that it’s cold as hell outside and we’re not going to be the idiots running around with a sub-par coat on, freezing our asses off. Instead, what we can do is work our magic and master a few winter ensembles that will allow us to go straight from the office (where, let’s be serious, right now we’re wrapped up in wool turtlenecks and boots) to a dinner date, cocktails with friends, or any other fancy-ish outing. These are the pieces we’re counting on to keep us feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to take on whatever life throws our way.



It’s all in the details when it comes to choosing a top that can take you from the office to a dinner date. Off-the-shoulder, ruffled sleeves, you name the detail and you can work it. Never discredit a good blazer, either—you can dress em up or down.



Don’t kid yourself into thinking that a sweater can’t be sexy. Take, for example, the reversible Palmetto sweater from Wildfox; its deep V, complete with unfinished edges, can be sported on your front or back, depending on how risk-ay you’re feeling. If you’re headed to a more conservative dinner, opt for a tightly laced knit, something off-the-shoulder, or even a piece from Vetements newest collab with Champions (picture that paired with leather pants and heels, and game over).



...Especially when it comes to your bottoms, seeing as how we’re sure you’re not wearing a full-length down coat every day of the winter. Or maybe you are, in which case, we applaud you. Although a skirt may not seem like the smartest option right off the bat, just imagine the layers of tights you can wear under them to keep you warm—it’s a pretty genius way to stay cozy. If you’re not a skirt girl, go with a pair of leather flares or a classic pair of skinny jeans.



Here comes the tough part. Our go-to would typically be a crazy amazing pair of heels, but when you’re dealing with a foot of snow, that’s just not going to cut it (unless you’re Rihanna, of course). Fret not, because the boots this year are incredible. Saint Laurent has got you covered when it comes to metallics, and Louis Vuitton is the perfect edgy addition to any outfit.

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