A Master Class in Decorating Your Space with Vintage Finds

Fine jewelry designer Jesse Marlo Lazowski totally nailed it.

A Master Class in Decorating Your Space with Vintage Finds

Most of the time, we find the best closets and homes by word of mouth. Sure, theres usually a cursory IG peruse that may or may not lead to solid photographic evidence of said sartorial prowess, but, sometimes, we’re left to chance—and let us just tell you, in our experience, this is when the best discoveries happen.

Which brings us to designer of fine jewelry line Marlo Laz, Jesse Marlo Lazowski’s, Bond St. loft, of which we did not so much as see a photo of prior to stepping inside. But, like we said, there’s nothing quite like the unexpected surprise of walking into a space filled with nomadic tchotchkes, lucite Platner chairs from the 70s, Hermès tableware, and original Polaroids of Madonna by Mary Pole, a personal friend of Lazowski’s (just to name a few), to get us going. And when a stuffed full-plume peacock is perched in the corner, well, it’s things like that that take it to another level. Then again, don’t take our word for it, click through the gallery below to see (and read about) Lazowski’s home and the stories behind every piece.


“My favorite part is the way I found this apartment. I really wanted to live on Bond and I really wanted a loft and I was looking all over and a really good friend of mine was a broker, and was like, 'Jess, there’s nothing that exists.' One day my dad and I were having dinner at Bond Street Sushi and he was like, ‘Okay, we’re going to walk up and down this street and stop every person and ask them if they have an available apartment in their building.’ He made me ask everyone. I got to this door and a woman was walking inside, so I asked if anyone had an apartment and she said, ‘My neighbor next door has an empty apartment that’s not listed, here’s her information.’ I moved in the next week!”
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