How We’re Supporting Awesome Women Doing Great Things

It’s more important now than ever.

How We’re Supporting Awesome Women Doing Great Things

If there’s one thing that’s become clear since November 8th, it’s this: one of the most impactful ways we can effect meaningful change is by supporting all women (emphasis on the all). While we’re hesitant to equate feminist merch with real, tangible change, we have seen how putting a little support, whether it be through clicks, listens, views, or dollars, can shift the narrative in a major way. Here’s how we’re doing it, and think you should, too (whether it be something you should read, a cause to support with time or money, or even just something to prioritize viewing ahead of your next Netflix binge.)



Jodi Taylor

Assistant Editor

1. Beyoncé Boy Bye Cropped Sweater: I refuse to let myself, or any of my friends, be walked all over or disrespected by any fuckboy. Let this be a reminder of that.

2. 2 Dope Queens: I’m surprised I’m not already listening to this on the daily, considering just how much I have heard about it. Starting right now I plan to make this part of my daily routine.

3. Don’t Tell Me To Smile Pin: I legit could not think of a better pin to stick on my new vintage denim jacket. If you know me, you know that I can’t stand when people (typically men) tell me to smile. GTFO.



Meagan Wilson

Editorial Manager

1. Call Your Girlfriend podcast: Without fail, always worth the listen.

2. Maternity Leave and Why the United States is the Only Developed Nation Without It on Broadly: This should be mandatory viewing. Broadly speaks with women navigating motherhood for the first time in both America and Papua New Guinea—the only two countries in the world that don’t guarantee maternity leave.

3. Rachel Comey sandals: Not to minimize, or turn something massively important into a shopping opportunity, but... Rachel Comey is rallying fashion industry support by sending CFDA-backed open letters to American designers about sharing proceeds with important causes, subsidizing costs for her team to attend marches, and donating half of the brands proceeds to Planned Parenthood all inauguration weekend. If you *have* to buy something, won’t you sleep better knowing your hard-earned money was supporting all of the above?



Laurel Pantin

Editorial Director

1. Nasty Woman Tee: Forever nasty!

2. Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and The Future: A great basic primer on feminist issues, and how to approach them. A friend recommended this as feminist reading 101 to me years ago, and I’ve been passing it along ever since.

3. Kule Striped Tee: All this weekend, one of our favorite brands, Kule, will donate 50 percent of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood. If ever there was a time to invest in a new striped tee, that time is now.



Alicia Cesaro

Senior Editor: Beauty

1. 100 Years: Dream goals realized: some of our all-time favorite girl bosses like, um, Meryl Streep, Hari Nef, Mindy Kaling, and Jennifer Lawrence teamed up with Lena Dunham to create 100 Years, a short film celebrating and shedding light on Planned Parenthoods remarkable history and what’s currently at stake.

2. Stella And Bow Bracelet: Designers like Aurora James of Brother Vellies and Raquel Allegra are donating profits from their sales this weekend to the Women’s March on Washington. If you can’t drop $$, consider this Nasty bracelet, which donates 100 percent of proceeds to PP, a way of giving back and supporting nasty women everywhere in the form of some arm candy.

3. Planned Parenthood: There are a million and one ways to get up and support PP and president Cecile Richards’s mission—defending the organization and women’s basic reproductive rights—even if you can’t march this weekend. Whether that’s writing a letter, donating, volunteering your time, keep educating and make your voice heard.



Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor: Features

1. Women of the Hour: Lena Dunham’s second season of her podcast is smart and—when you’re as frustrated as I am about the current state of things—comforting. As my mom recently wrote to me in an email with the subject “Smart Young Women”: “I listened to a Women of the Hour podcast last night. It was called “Nasty Women of the Hour” and it was about the election, pre-election. The women were young (I think) and wonderful—articulate and smart.” More of this, please!

2. The Wing hat: I’ll admit that I’ve completely fallen for all of The Wing’s merch. This hat, on my head this weekend.

3. My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem: I read this a few months ago, just when we were entering the final days of the election, and holy shit, was it ever a good reminder that women have been working—and hard—for a very, very long time. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is it.

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