The Story Behind Nina Dobrev’s Major Haircut

The Story Behind Nina Dobrev’s Major Haircut

The results were basically a surprise.

Behind any drastic haircut, there’s typically a story that inspired the change. Perhaps it’s a new job and a fresh start was needed. Maybe it’s a breakup—a sweet new do to match that newly single life. For actress Nina Dobrev, it was kind of a little of both.

No, the star didn’t just end things with some Hollywood heartthrob. She isn’t quitting the industry, either. Rather, Ninas *officially* saying goodbye to a large chunk of her life—The Vampire Diaries chunk, once the show ends this year—and diving headfirst into her new career as movie star (she plays Becky in the new film XXX: Return of Xander Cage). Naturally, a switch-up was called for.

In the trusted hands of famed hairstylist Riawna Capri, Nina made the chop, ditching inches in favor of a cute, bouncy bob. Find out all the scoop in the stars own words, along with some little-known tips for styling shorter hair.


Why she made the cut:

“Ive been wanting to cut it for years and years and years. I wanted to cut it midway through shooting [The Vampire Diaries], but I couldnt because of the character. This is the first time, I realized, since leaving the show that Im finally on-screen again, so I thought new character, new year, new do.”

Why she asked Riawna to do it:

“Riawna Capri is a very dear friend of mine and she flew to London to cut it. It was a big deal for me—its been 15 years since I had a major change. I wanted my best friend to do it.” 


How her new ’do was pretty much a surprise:

“I told her I wanted it to be short, above the shoulders, and then I said, ‘Do whatever you think would be great.’ I trust her implicitly. Shes incredibly talented and shes also responsible for so many makeovers. She did Juliannes cut; she did Jennifer Lawrences cut; she did... Im forgetting the list at the moment, but thats kind of her thing. Shes like the makeover queen. Shes a good soul and a good person, and thats more important than anything. Its lucky that she cuts really good hair, but its the person that she is that draws me to her. You want to have good energy around you. Its important to me to have my friends and people that I love around me at all times.

The emotions she felt when getting the cut:

“Ive been waiting for this for so long that I was just like, ‘Get it out of the way, get it over with, and do it fast.’” 


How she styles her new short hair:

“I didnt know what to do with my hair before because its kind of wavy-curly. When it was long, it would just get weighed down and I would try to put mousse in it or whatever. There would be good days, [but] a lot more bad days. Now that its shorter, its not as weighed down and it curls more and I can just let it air-dry. Its easy. I also put a roller in the front, which Riawna taught me.”

Another trusty styling trick Riawna taught her:

“She said once its semi-dried, keep flipping your hair from side to side so that it doesnt commit to a part and so that it constantly has volume.”

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