The Boots One Editor is Giving Up Sweetgreen For

The Boots One Editor is Giving Up Sweetgreen For

Because they’re red and pretty and last longer than a bowl of kale.

Alicia Cesaro

In the interest of transparency, there’s little I wouldn’t live off ramen for. (Also in the interest of transparency, I really, really like packaged Maruchan ramen.) Trading in a would-be $20 Seamless dinner for cheap noodles, popcorn, or the cereal in the back of my kitchen cupboard has been my go-to shopping rationalization tool since moving to New York City. The new pair of shoes I just bought that I can’t really afford? Well, I ate old cheese for two meals last week. You get the gist. But in the interest of making these red croc-embossed Ellery (heart emoji) boots mine, I’ll have to do more than eat garbage for dinner. It would mean giving up my Sweetgreen lunch habit for three and half months, or forgoing 70 (!) effing bowls of greens. Which will surely test my dedication. Wish me luck.


70 Sweetgreen salads at $12 each = 1 pair of Ellery Sacred Boots at $850.

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