Now You Can Get a Blowout *and* Manicure in 45 Minutes Flat

Now You Can Get a Blowout *and* Manicure in 45 Minutes Flat

This new NYC speed salon changes everything.

Alec Kugler

MB45, New York’s newest addition in speed salons, offers up simultaneous manicures and blow-drys in 45 minutes for just $65. Call us jaded, but there’s not much you can get done in 45 minutes…not to mention there arent many salon services that ring in at under $100 in Manhattan. Now busy women everywhere can rejoice in leaving work at 6 PM and arriving at dinner by 7 PM with freshly washed (and styled—clients can choose from five signature styles, like wavy or sleek and straight) hair and a fresh paint job. Which is just what I did come opening night, when I stopped by post-work to experience MB45’s magic firsthand.


I’m pretty much the ideal candidate for MB45’s services, as I hate spending time sitting in a salon chair and play at multitasking like it’s a sport—when I’m having a pedicure I wish they could get started on my nails, while I’m brushing my teeth I’m trying to fold laundry (yeah, I know, I’m a psycho), so having my hair blow-dried while a technician went in on my nails was a dream.


Founders Fernanda Lacerda and Manuela Giannini aimed to create an industrial space in their Tribeca salon—cement floors, stainless-steel accents, plastered posters—in contrast to the girly vibe you will feel just while sipping bubbles, having your nails painted pink, and hair curled. There’s no denying that the need for a salon model like this exists, and the success of blowout-only salons is proof enough. And MB45-ing (a verb the co-owners are sure will catch on) works just as well during a quick lunch break as it does a pre-game with friends come Friday night—a really fun, efficient pre-game, that is.

MB45, 93 Worth St, New York, NY, 10013, 212-546-7988, 

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