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What it Really Takes to Get Amy Adams Golden Globes-Ready

Her manicurist, Deborah Lippmann, breaks down her crazy glamorous workday.

What it Really Takes to Get Amy Adams Golden Globes-Ready

If the ~Age of Instagram and Snapchat~ shows us anything, it’s that there’s a whole lot of stuff going on behind the scenes to create that flawless red carpet moment on any given star—and a whole lot of people and talent. But opportunistic Snapchats do not a realistic portrait of prep work make, which is why we asked Deborah Lippmann to give us all the details as to what it actually took to get Amy Adams’s nails red carpet-ready for the Golden Globes. The conclusion we can draw? Sure, it sounds like a lot of (sometimes stressful) work (#ittakesavillage), but at the end of the day, this has still got to be one of the more glamorous workdays we’ve ever read about.


7:00: I start my day pretty early because I know it’s going to be a busy one! I’ve worked with Amy Adams many times before and she’s amazing, so I’m really excited about this afternoon.

8:00: I head out the door for an 8:30 class at the West Hollywood SoulCycle.

9:15: Class finishes and I’ve worked up an appetite, so I stop by Norms for a light breakfast and a very large iced coffee.

10:00: While I usually stay someplace like Sunset Towers, this year I decided to stay with a girlfriend in West Hollywood because I wanted a more relaxing, quieter weekend. I head back to her house to prepare for the day ahead.

11:00: I check my kit about 800 times, and also checked it 800 times last night. I’m not sure what color we’ll choose for Amy, so I have every shade in my collection, as well as all of my treatments, nail files, etc. I’m eager to see the dress—I’ve heard that it’s a hematite shade, so my mind is already racing with different ideas. Amy’s complexion is so luminous, she’s able to wear many different shades.

12:00: I eat an early protein-rich lunch because as it gets later in the day, I get a bit nervous, and then head out for my 1 PM call time. I pack my kit into the car and hit the road.

1:00: When I get to Amy’s I go straight to work alongside her glam squad, which includes Laini Reeves, Stephen Sollitto, and Petra Flannery… It’s an incredible group! Amy typically favors a nude polish for the Golden Globes and Oscars, but this time, she wants to be more adventurous with her nails, which I love, and everyone on the team gets involved in the process. We all start pulling different polishes from my collection in order to find the perfect shade of aubergine. We don’t want the polish to be too brown or too purple, or it won't complement her dress. After trying several shades and different combinations, Amy and the team decide on a custom color that layers Dark Side of the Moon with Single Ladies. It’s truly a collaborative effort—I check with everyone on the glam squad to make sure all of our colors are harmonious and never overpower her entire look.


2:00: My manicures are more than just the polish. Any award show day is riddled with nerves and stress, so I start each and every manicure with a hand massage and I don’t begin the manicure process until I can feel her stress melt away.

Next, I cleanse her nails with The Stripper Polish Remover and then apply 2 Second Nail Primer to prep the nails for a longer-lasting manicure. Using my Eco File, I file and shape her nails—I want to keep them short—followed by my Smooth Operator to exfoliate, buff, and shine them. To perfect her cuticles, I use Cuticle Remover to soften and exfoliate and loosen dry skin, and use my Cuticle Pusher to push the skin back. Then I apply Cuticle Oil and The Cure to hydrate and soften her cuticles.

Once her skin and cuticles are smooth and soft, I begin polishing her nails. I apply my Gel Lab Pro Base Coat prior to the polish. The Gel Lab Pro formula gives the nails the wear and appearance of a gel manicure without lamps or special tools and doesn’t cause damage. Once that dries, I apply one coat of Dark Side of the Moon, wait for it to dry, and then layer Single Ladies on top. I apply my Gel Lab Pro Top Coat and wait for the manicure to fully dry to reveal the final look, which is absolutely perfect. Elegant, bold, and stunning next to her Cartier bracelet and Tom Ford gown.

3:00: I can’t wait to see Amy hit the carpet. I find the closest TV to watch red carpet coverage—nothing brings me greater joy than to see my clients have their moment in the spotlight. It’s such an important day for her and I’m honored to be a part of it.


4:00: I watch a bit more of the red carpet coverage. It’s so fun to see all of the stars that I’ve worked with throughout the years.

5:00: I get a quick bite for dinner… Now it’s time to relax a bit.

6:00: I head back to my girlfriend’s house with my kit. I need to pack it back up for a 6 AM flight back to NYC for a shoot, so I get everything packed before getting ready for the night.

7:00: We are gathered around the television watching the Globes, eagerly awaiting Amy’s category.

8:00: I pop into the Drybar in West Hollywood to get party-ready hair for the HBO after-party.

9:00: I head back to my girlfriend’s house to get ready with a glass of champagne. I brought several pieces of Suzy B Jewelry for tonight and I need to figure out what to wear!

10:00: I finish getting ready and head out for an evening of glamour and fun. HBO is in my blood—I’ve worked with them on so many different collaborations.

11:00: I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I have to pinch myself after the day I just had. I know that tonight is going to be a blast and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of my friends!

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