Christina Paik

The NY & Paris-based photographer whose style is equal parts streetwear & Céline (and counts the OVO crew & Virgil Abloh among her pals).

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Alec Kugler

Some might argue that all things digital signal the demise of mystery—not to sound like your grandpa, but we *do* live in a world where pretty much every waking, breathing moment is recorded, disseminated, and shared. But if you follow Christina Paik, you already know that this isn’t always so. Paik is adamant about wanting her work to speak for itself; which is why she’s been limited—nay, selective—in what she shares (she only started posting photos of her face in the last year). And as it turns out, the whole mystery thing has really worked in Paik’s favor—she’s struck that perfect balance between making it clear that she’s cooking up very, very cool shit, while still leaving everyone (including us, until our shoot at her apartment-slash-work-space) guessing that there’s a whole lot more to the story. Spoiler: there is!

When we arrived at Paik’s place, we first completed our requisite tour before catching up on what she’s been up to over the past year (hint: her career’s exploded, in a good way). In addition to shooting for every streetwear brand you can think of, Paik’s added collaborations with Reebok and Adidas, in addition to her ongoing one with Off-White, to her CV, too. In-between looks (can we just take a second for how cool she looks here, BTW?), we chatted with Paik about tidbits like her love of all things Phoebe Philo, latest travels, a few choice mementos (like the $2 bill she saved from Drakes birthday party), to her genius approach to self-promotion (clever as hell: “Film > Digital” lighters and stickers with her website). Consider that veil a little bit lifted—turns out there are things you can still only find out about people by, uh, scouring through their things (which is where we come in).

Click through for Paik’s insane sneaker collection, what it’s like working with OVO, her advice for aspiring photogs, & more.