3 Hairstyles That Will Get You Actual Surfer Girl Hair

3 Hairstyles That Will Get You Actual Surfer Girl Hair

Laura Enever shows us the super easy hairstyles she rocks on the waves.

Alec Kugler

Don’t pretend like you never fantasized you were Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush, paddling your way out into the ocean like a total badass. For us, it remained a fantasy, but it's reality for Australian-born, professional surfer, Laura Enever who, on top of winning championships, has *the* surfer girl look, and hair we have been trying to perfect for years (an extension of the fantasy we can mimic IRL). She’s so cool she dabbles with temporary dyeing, occasionally sporting blue, purple, and pink hair.

Hair health is huge for someone who spends so much time in salt water—Enever’s trick? “I’ve become really obsessed with using leave in hair conditioner before and after surfing—my favorite is It’s A 10.” When we asked her if she prefers her hair up or down while riding the waves she told us, “I’ll usually surf with it down, but if the waves are really big I’ll surf with it up, in a ponytail or bun”. If only our lifestyle and hair routine was as easy-breezy. For now, the closest we’re getting is by copying her go-to hairstyles, perfected by the hands of Evo hairstylist, Cassie Jacquet, and bringing them to our mundane in comparison office jobs.







Hair brush
Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo
Clear hair elastic (optional)


1. Spray dry shampoo through your hair. This will give your hair texture if it is too clean, which is ideal for a top knot.

2. Flip your hair upside down and gather into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a bun and tuck the end of your hair into the bun, using a clear elastic to secure if necessary.

3. Comb over with a brush (Laura prefers a Mason Pearson hairbrush) to smooth your hair.






Hair elastic (fabric)
Blow dryer
Evo paddle brush
Evo Easy Tiger Smoothing Fluid


1. Using an Evo paddle brush, smooth your hair out with a blow dryer, while spraying the smoothing fluid to tame any fly-aways.

2. Flip your hair upside down and bring into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Tie with an elastic.

3. Pull strands forward to create volume.

4. Rub Evo Love Perpetua Shine between fingers and run through any leftover fly-aways.






Evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray
Evo Haze Styling Powder
Curling wand (optional)


1. Spray the beach spray on dry hair to dampen it.

2. Sprinkle the styling powder at the roots.

3. If you want more wave, use a wand and rub the iron up and down on the hair to create texture rather than stiff curls.

4. To finish, spray more beach spray in a mist so that it reaches from the root to the end of your hair.

5. Post-surf Laura will add in leave-in conditioner to keep her hair healthy.

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