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All the Things You Can Do in a Bell-Sleeved Top

Such as: live your best life.

Margaret Zhang
“Working with Clinique as one of their new campaign faces has been pretty surreal. It’s awesome being alongside Tavi [Gevinson] and Hannah [Bronfman] who are both such well-accomplished young women in their own right. I’m excited for it all to come out in the next couple of months.”
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ICYMI, last summer every. single. girl you knew was wearing an off-the-shoulder top. Yes, they’re cute and show off your freshly tanned clavicles, but what happens when your tan fades and you want to do something that involves raising your arms above a 45-degree angle?

As far as fun, kicky tops go, we’re declaring bell sleeves to be the new off-the-shoulder, and while they, like their shoulder-baring counterparts, are not the most practical, there are lots of things you can do in them. Here’s a handy list.



Wear a Bra

Sure, a strapless bra is technically a bra, it *really*? We’d say no. Thanks to the presence of a neck hole smaller than the circumference of your torso at its widest point, you are now eligible for bras. Rejoice!



Eat Fondue

To be fair, fondue is probably the only thing you’ll be eating in a bell-sleeved blouse, thanks to those extra-long fork things. But then, is there anything else you even want right now? Doesn’t a giant vat of boiling hot communal cheese just sound right? We thought so. Consider this a warning that any other food that does not need to be consumed from a distance will be pretty much N/A if you’re wearing massive floppy sleeves.



Wear a Coat

Unlike anything off-the-shoulder, you can layer a bell sleeve under a coat without weird bunchy-ness or itchy upper arms. Revolutionary—right? Bonus points for wearing them with a three-quarter-length-sleeved coat so that the bells can dangle freely. Or even better, get you a coat with bell sleeves.



Dance Like Stevie Nicks

This is crucial. As it is party season (drinking season) we’re sure everyone is going to have one moment at a party where they’re just feeling Stand Back so damn hard, and will need to do a little Stevie twirl, arms overhead. And now you can! You, too, can wear a trendy top and dance like nobody’s watching without having to awkwardly adjust it afterwards.

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