Kai Avent-deLeon’s Trip to Peru Was the Most Beautiful Vacation Ever

Way, way prettier than a postcard.

Kai Avent-deLeon’s Trip to Peru Was the Most Beautiful Vacation Ever

We thought we liked pretty things, but when Kai Avent-deLeon’s photos from a recent trip to Peru landed in our inbox, well, we knew we really, really loved pretty things. Peru’s tourism board should just hand over the keys to the office right now, because what follows is the best ad for a plane ticket and a visit to the country we’ve ever seen. Of course, when it comes to searching out the good stuff and capturing beauty, Avent-deLeon knows what she’s doing. She’s the owner of Sincerely, Tommy, a favorite Brooklyn boutique among Cov-alums that stocks lines like Beaufille and F.Miller.

“I decided to go to Peru after falling in love with Central and South American culture,” she told us. “There is this vibrancy and appreciation for life that I often encounter when visiting countries in those regions. Peru especially was a transcendental experience and I felt extremely connected to Pachamama (which means Mother Earth). The respect and love the indigenous people have for their land and carrying out traditions is so moving.”

If you’re already Googling flights, take note: “The first portion of the trip was spent in Lima, going to a lot of recommended restaurants and trying local dishes. Ceviche and pisco sours are two of the more popular offerings. We spent the second half of the trip in Cusco, a city that was completely different from Lima. Here we were able to visit the ancient ruins and explore the markets. I loved the traditional garb of the women there.”

Click through the slideshow to read more about Avent-deLeon’s crazy-beautiful Peruvian adventure.

“I adore all of the pastel and vibrant colors the buildings are painted in.”
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