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3 Hair Accessory Looks That Are Almost *Too* Easy

They make getting ready for any party a breeze.

3 Hair Accessory Looks That Are Almost *Too* Easy
Jackie Beale

We may have been wearing our hair in a topknot the past few weeks while we not-so-graciously worked on crossing off every little last thing from our to-do list before officially throwing on our OOO (two more days!), but now that the holidays are pretty much here (!!!) it’s time to think about some seasonally appropriate hairstyles for all of our upcoming get-togethers. 2016 has been the year of stunning hair accessories—whether it’s waves with a headband, a triple braid with circle clips, or simply adding a bun cuff to our beloved knot, Kelly Araujo from Medulla & Co. in Toronto show us how to perfect the look.




Davines Dry Texturizing Spray
Davines Volume Creator
Davines Volume Creator Brush Applicator
1ÂĽ-inch barrel curling iron
1½-inch barrel curling iron
Eugenia Kim Laurel Headband

1. Blow-dry hair to remove any moisture, smooth ends, and add some lift at the root.
2. Spray the freshly blow-dried hair with texture spray.
3. Taking uneven sections of hair from the back, use 1¼-inch barrel curling iron to create waves. As you work your way towards your face, switch to a 1½-inch barrel curling iron to ensure that the waves in the front are gentle. Pro tip: Don’t hold the hair in the iron for very long—the faster you wave your hair, the less heat damage you’ll cause and the more effortless the wave will look.
4. Add some lift at the crown by applying volume powder.
5. Put on a beautiful hair accessory [we used Eugenia Kim’s Laurel headband from Holt Renfrew] to transform your everyday beachy waves into A-list holiday hair.





teasing comb
small clear hair elastics
Davines Perfecting Hairspray
Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Small Circle Clip Set

1. Gently tease hair at the crown to add lift.
2. Spray hair with a medium-hold spray to create control and add texture.
3. Section hair into three uneven sections and proceed to gently braid each section. You can decide whether or not you want to switch up the braiding style of each section or leave them the same. Here we used the same traditional braiding technique for each section, but you can combo a fishtail with a traditional braid, or any other combination. Pro tip: Make sure you don’t braid too close to the head or too tightly—doing so will cause the braid to look stiff.
4. Now you should have three complete braids. Take the three braids and braid them together to form one giant braid.
5. Once you’ve secured your braid with an elastic, pull them apart to make them as messy as you would like—gently tug at some of the loops in the braid so they are uneven and add dimension.
6. Finish your braid with a little spray and adorn it with your circle clips. The key is to be random—slide the pins in wherever they feel comfortable.





Davines Invisible No Gas Spray
regular size no-snag hair elastics
bobby pins
teasing comb
Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Bun Cuff

1. Start by spraying a non-aerosol hair spray all over (we used Davines Invisible No Gas Spray), and then gather hair into a medium-high ponytail.
2. Gently tug to loosen up the ponytail and add volume in the front around the face—you can also pull out a few wispy pieces to keep this style feeling easy and natural.
3. Tease the ponytail at the base to add volume and up the mess factor.
4. Twirl the ponytail around your base for a very haphazard bun—secure with bobby pins.
5. Finish with the same hair spray before you adorn the bun with the bun clip—simply hold the cuff in place and slide in the pin to lock it in place. Pro tip: When dealing with hair accessories, do not use spray once the accessory is already in place—hair spray causes hair accessories to lose their luster.


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