The *One* Hair Trick Teen Vogue’s Elaine Welteroth Relies On All Winter

Exactly how she gets those curls.

By: Laurel Pantin

There are a million and one reasons to love Elaine Welteroth. For starters, she’s smart as hell and helping Teen Vogue become a global powerhouse for all things interesting (see this—in the extremely off-chance you haven’t read it already). She’s also funny, kind, and has the type of style that makes you stop in your tracks. And on top of it, she has a down-pat makeup routine and fabulous hair. Given that winter is taking a toll on literally every part of our bodies, we wanted to know how she keeps her curls looking so flawless.



“This is going to sound archaic but my newfound beauty obsession is...drumroll...a middle part, a pick, and a blow dryer. Major keys for Solange-inspired triangle fro vibes. Curly girls cure for winter hair boredom!”


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