Why This Accessory is All You Need for Winter

Why This Accessory is All You Need for Winter

Consider it the easiest way to take your outfit to another level.

Accessories have this tangible power to transform an entire outfit. Just think about what an oversized glittering earring can do for a plain black turtleneck, or a fuzzy faux fur color-blocked stole for a simple gray coat? Then there are bags, which usually draw the sartorial eye well before any other ingredient of the sartorial combination. And when it comes to accessories, no one does it quite as well as Aurora James, creative director of Brother Vellies—hell, she even made a brand out of it—which is why we had to know what piece she was buying this season. Oh, and a little hint, it’s an Eva Fehren glittering diamond and blackened white gold choker. Because if she’s into it, you bet your peach emoji we would be too.



“To know me is to know that I’m a vintage t-shirt and jeans girl. So I’m always looking for accessories to dress up the look and add some magic. This diamond choker is precisely what dreams are made of. It’s amazing in the daytime with your favorite feminist tee and equally stellar in the evening at your favorite feminist fundraiser.”


Like we said, the potential for impact with an outfit add-on is endless, which is why we gathered up some of our favorite bags, jewels, and extras to take it to another level.


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