Ana Khouri

Jewelry Designer. New York.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

We’ll put it to you straight: we want Ana Khouri’s life. The woman has gotten it right in every sense.

Sure, she was born with a lot of it. She’s a beautiful Brazilian—and possesses the inimitable Paolista cool—who owns CHANEL jackets and travel finds (a Japanese bomber and kimono stands out) passed on to her from her equally chic mother and grandmother. Then there’s the incredible Manhattan apartment, full of art by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and antique collectibles, mixed with her modern, spare aesthetic.

Then there’s the jewelry line that she designed—the kind of ultra desirable, diamond-covered, modern and minimal jewelry that’s more sculpture than your average stud or choker. And there’s the world-traveling ways (when we photographed at home in NoHo, we caught her somewhere between Brazil, Switzerland, and Mexico).

And there’s the closet. And it’s not just the aforementioned heirloom pieces that screamed perfect taste when we started digging through her extensive (thought immaculately edited) wardrobe. Khouri’s gravitational pull towards clean lines in the form of Hermès capes, Céline trousers and Issey Miyake Pleats Please is evidence enough. The custom-made handbags (by Khouri herself) and vintage lucite clutches, too, along with the Gucci dresses and loafers. See? We bet by now you want her life, too.