24 Hours with Coveteur Co-founder Jake Rosenberg

24 Hours with Coveteur Co-founder Jake Rosenberg

When going from set to set and flight to flight is a typical day. In collaboration with Kit and Ace.

Alicia Cesaro

We meet a lot of people with careers that take them all over the world. But we have yet to know someone who travels *quite* as much as Coveteur’s very own co-founder Jake Rosenberg. You see, on top of photographing the biggest names in Cov history—which pretty much means he’s on the road 300 days out of the year to places as far flung as Dubai, China, and Brazil (to name a few)—he’s also running the creative aspect of the business. Although his schedule is anything but consistent, we had him break down, hour by hour, what a sort of typical travel day is like for him.


5:55 AM:
My days are always different, but I usually get up at 5:55 in the morning. When I know Im going to be traveling, I like to make sure I eat a good breakfast and start my day with a workout. The first thing I do is have some Greek yogurt. I’ll have three scoops of that with a half liter of water and an espresso.

6:15 AM:
Then I’ll shower and get ready for the gym. I’ll have another espresso while checking my email.

6:40 AM:
I leave the house about 20 minutes before my personal training session at Dogpound so that I can walk to the gym.


7:00 AM:
Three days a week, I work on cardio and the rest of the time work on different muscle-building exercises. I work out from 7 AM to 8 AM. I leave the gym by 8:10 AM and get home by 8:35-ish.

8:40 AM:
I always have another shower after a workout. For breakfast I eat three hard-boiled eggs and oatmeal. I’m on my feet all day, so it’s important for me to wear something that’s comfortable and will look good for meetings with clients, which is why I love Kit and Ace’s joggers.

9:30 AM:
When I’m in NYC, I either go to the office or straight to set. If I’m on set, I’m typically shooting all day. If I’m at the office, I will have a few meetings with the team and will get through as much editing as possible. Sometimes I’ll run out to do a quick shoot between meetings.


12:15 PM:
For lunch, some of the places I like are Westville, Hampton Chutney, Bond Street Sushi, Gemma, and Sweetgreen.

1:30 PM:
After lunch, Ill head back to the office to grab my gear and try to squeeze in one more shoot, in the office or off-site, before leaving for the day.

4 PM:
I’ll go home before a flight to get my bag. My packing really depends on where I’m going. We’re heading to Dallas, so I checked the weather before to help figure out what type of clothing I’m going to bring. I’m a very simple dresser. I don’t wear shorts very often, so I’ve packed one pair of pants for each day, including two pairs of evening pants. I’ll likely wear a T-shirt every day, and at night I’ll probably put on a long sleeve or sweater. If there’s a nicer event, I’ll pack a button-down shirt. Shoes are probably what I bring the most of. My suitcase doesn’t really change year-round.


5:00 PM:
I always wear a pair of Kit and Ace navigator joggers with a black T-shirt and a zip-up to the airport so that I’m comfortable.

6:30 PM:
One thing I do before every flight is take a picture of my passport with my boarding pass and post it to Instagram—I’ve done it for every flight this year. I will always buy a large Smartwater, some almonds for the plane, and call my father before boarding to catch up.

9:00 PM:
I like to board first, so that I can make sure I have a spot for my camera equipment. Once I get on the plane, I set up my scenario, listen to my music before I take off, watch a movie, fall asleep.

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