Mija Knezevic

Content Creator; Digital Branding Expert. New York.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

Scanning street style images, especially during Fashion Month, is essentially a game of casting for us: looking for the people with an exciting new point of view, whose closets we absolutely must get into. What follows is a good amount of digital stalking (but then, who among us hasn’t played that game?), which leads, if all goes according to plan, to an invitation to our target’s home (we swear it’s not actually as creepy a process as it sounds). Number one on our Who’s that girl? list this season? Mija Knezevic. (Betcha didn’t see where that was going.)

Not to say that Knezevic is new to the circuit. Rather, she’s part of the seemingly ever-growing wave of designers, stylists, and *influencers* coming out of Eastern Europe and enlightening the rest of us to their mix-and-match, quirky, intellectual style. Knezevic, a “fashion celebrity” in her native Montenegro, now lives in a large Tribeca loft and works with brands as wide-ranging as Net-A-Porter and Color Temperature, a cult-y Russian fur bag label—and that quirk was on full display when we visited her there earlier this fall.

Knezevic has perfected the mix of classic pieces (Céline and Hermès bags, CHANEL jackets, Cartier) with completely unexpected elements like velvet pajama pants (consequently now at the top of our shopping lists for fall), vintage kimonos and the aforementioned fur pouches. The result is a look that is utterly irreverent, relaxed, and totally enviable. Parisians, look out—the Eastern Europeans are coming!