The Art Of Partying Hands-Free

Leave your bag at home, because sometimes double-fisting is necessary.

The Art Of Partying Hands-Free

Gone are the days where we’re hauling massive tote-sized bags everywhere we go. We don’t know about your gang, but with ours it’s almost a competition to see who can bring the least amount of belongings out to the bar. We like to say it’s the year of hands-free partying—and we’re all for it. But, let’s be real, there are certain items that you *need* to have on you: phone, ID, money, and maybe a lipstick. Plus, having to hold on to less things means we can hold two drinks at once (those office-holiday-party bar lines can be long, friends). Whatever the case may be, there’s no reason to be holding a clutch the entire evening, so we set out to find some other, more convenient, options to free up our hands for snacks and cocktails.


Phone Cases


Chances are high that the one thing you are not (ever) leaving the house without is your phone, so you might as well have your phone case double as a wallet. Before you roll your eyes, check out these totally adult-appropriate and cute options. And they are incredibly easy to toss in your jacket or jean pocket. Once you switch over to the phone wallet, you probably won’t go back.


Belt It


The fanny pack resurgence is about the most unexpected return ever, but tbh, we’re quite pleased about it. Major brands (hi, CHANEL and Gucci) have been reimagining the designs into something that’s actually stylish and appropriate for something other than a hike. 


Toss It Across


It’s time to reconsider the crossbody, guys. Just remember to avoid anything too overbearing and opt for something that literally just fits your phone, cash, and a lipstick (and possibly your house key, so you’re not waking your roomie up at 3AM). 

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