Rachel Besser

Fashion Market Editor, Refinery29. New York.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Weston Wells

Quite possibly the most admirable quality of our Coveteurs is their emphatic appreciation for fashion. For them, it’s about more than trends (they don’t typically follow them) and glamorous cocktail parties; it’s about creativity and the power that fashion has on the self. And Refinery29’s fashion market editor, Rachel Besser, mirrors that sentiment in her personal approach to style. You see, she doesn’t take it too seriously, and stuffs her closet with things she thinks “are funny; things that are absurd. If I look at something and it’s a little bit ridiculous, I kind of love it.” Like, say, her caché of oversized Vetements shirts that she pairs with Carhartt denim culottes and vintage eBay-sourced rainbow-hued Nikes, or the Prada bag with her sister’s face painted on it (uh, yeah! More on that one later), or the mini bright yellow quilted CHANEL, and a stockpile of bad-ass sneakers.

Every item is an emblem of a hilarious or sentimental story (friends, just keep reading and you’ll see what we mean), like her first Givenchy purchase, or the ring that “looks like Chewbacca,” which she wears every day. And her career path follows a similar suit. Take, for example, how her love of fashion happened as a byproduct of a chance opportunity at a NYFW event with sunglass mega giant Illesteva. And how it landed her internships at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Fader before she settled in at her longstanding role at Refinery29. Which brings us to right now, in her Brooklyn home, digging through her sequined track pants and vintage flame-embroidered baseball caps. Not a bad way to spend a fall afternoon, right?



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