Joe La Puma

Vice President of Content Strategy, Complex Magazine; Host of Complex's 'Sneaker Shopping'. New York.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Weston Wells

It’s worth noting that there’s just about no one better suited for our inaugural sneaker week than Joe La Puma. Not just because he has an impressive collection of his own—because of course he does—but because, as the host of Complex’s Sneaker Shopping, he’s more or less seen it all, and in the company of the likes of Gucci Mane (!), Kevin Hart, DJ Khaled, A$AP Rocky, no less.

After getting his start at The Finish Line in Long Island selling sneakers (he credits his manager there with wholly shaping his taste, sneakerwise and otherwise), he landed an interview at Complex (Noah Callahan-Bever brought him on after being named EIC), and has now been there for more than a decade. As their VP of Content Strategy (fancy!), La Puma helps oversee all things editorial—including over 20 cover stories and interviews featuring the likes of Justin Bieber, Jerry Seinfeld, Rick Ross and more.

Welcoming us over to his Brooklyn apartment, La Puma’s place was dotted with mementos and keepsakes from his career—including, well, sneakers, the transcript from his last interview with Bieber, and a pass to Kobe Bryant’s last game, to name just a few. And to really bring things full circle, while at his place, we even got a peek at how the proverbial sausage (sorry to use a potentially yucky analogy) that is Sneaker Shopping gets made, as he hopped on the phone with the team of a very special someone (ahem, Allen Iverson) for an upcoming episode. You heard it here first…


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