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How to Update Your Home This Fall

Trust us when we say you need these pieces.

How to Update Your Home This Fall

Chances are that while you’re busy swiping your credit card buying everything that you *need* (duh) for a Cov-worthy fall closet, you’re neglecting your apartment, not even considering updating the space where you cozy up on a Friday night to drink all the red wine you can get your hands on. News flash: fall is an extremely appropriate time to freshen up your home, and we thought it only right that we point you in the right direction to do so.




The majority of people we know own a neutral-colored couch—unless you have a home full of crazy-amazing art and a knack for matching every color and pattern together (in which case we applaud you), it’s just easier that way. If you are the owner of a plain couch, like us, the best way to liven things up is with decorative pillows. Cozy is key in the cold months—extra points if it’s cashmere, or if it has Iris Apfel’s face on it (obviously).




Have you ever had those nights where you have a few too many people over than your living room is meant to accommodate, and you end up with a few sitting on the floor? Some call it adulting gone wrong, we call it having a lot of friends. Regardless, these situations warrant an over-the-top rug splurge. Make sure it’s warm and welcoming—chances are you’ll be the one that winds up sitting on the floor.




Wool, fur (faux or real), and cashmere—otherwise known as the greatest materials to cuddle up with in the colder months. With a wine (or scotch) glass in your hand, and any of these throws wrapped around you, it’s pretty much a given that your FOMO will go out the window and you’ll actually be looking forward to weekend nights at home.




Give your mismatched kitchenware the heave-ho—nothing says adult more than matching dinnerware. Checking out with any of these in your shopping cart will not only make you feel mature, your mom will be impressed and we know you’ll start hosting some pretty fab dinner parties.

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