Our book is *finally* here.


After countless hours of scheduling, shooting, travelling, emails, proofs, more proofs, layout meetings and promotion, we could not be more pleased to announce today is the day that the Coveteur book is officially on sale and on shelves at a bookstore near you. If you haven't heard us musing about this before, this book is not only the product of the hard work put in by the entire Coveteur team, but it is also a reflection of our love for our subjects.

Making this book allows our readers the chance to interact with and experience our content (aka the icons, tastemakers and all-around bad-ass humans that inspire us everyday) in a different way. We hope that you take the time to get lost in the book, to savor the images and the people that we chose to profile. We would be remiss to not acknowledge ALL our Coveteurs, your participation has made us who we are, and our brand partners for all their ongoing support and encouragement. These people have allowed us to put out a true labor of love. And while we mentioned it before—NONE of this would have even been remotely possible without our kick-ass team. Call us biased, but we are pretty sure they are #flawless.

And without further ado...GO GET OUR BOOK!!!

Lots of love and gratitude,
Stephanie and Jake


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