It’s Here!

It’s Here!

Almost! Our book, that is.

It's been almost two-ish years (!) of (real) blood, sweat, and tears, but here we are: our book is almost here! It’s book release eve, so to speak. You're looking at 250+ pages of sleepless nights spent emailing everyone we know, countless international flights (and unexpected delays, one of which involved camping out in the Dubai airport), staying up all night editing and writing, making makeshift offices in airports and hotel lobbies to review design and layouts… This thing is our baby, and we’re about to let it out into the world. In fact, you know those overprotective helicopter parents letting their kid go off to college? That’s us right now, about to let our baby off into a world of color-coded bookshelves and coffee tables (slightly terrified it’ll end up as a coaster—see the college metaphor again?), rubbing book elbows with the hardcover tomes authored by our heroes that we’ve photographed for the site a million times. In fact, there was pretty much nothing more surreal for us (or, to be specific, Jake and Steph) than spotting their first copy out in the wild for the first time during Paris Fashion Week. At effing Colette. Next to Grace Coddington’s book (who happened to be doing a signing that day). And just like that, it all came full circle.

And while it’s officially out tomorrow, it’s not too late to hit that pre’o to make sure you reserve your very own copy. Get yours here!

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