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Wedding Day Accessories You’ll Want To Wear Again

If you’re going all in on a pair of shoes and a clutch, you’ll want to wear them more than once.

Wedding Day Accessories You’ll Want To Wear Again

Granted, the limits of spending when it comes to your wedding day are astronomically higher than any other day of your life. A pair of shoes that might have otherwise gotten a dropped jaw and a ‘You have to be effing kidding me…’ suddenly seem if not reasonable, then at least justifiable.

What is not justifiable is only getting to wear these items on just one special day. And so, we’ve plucked the best bridal accessories on the market that can be repurposed and re-incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. Bonus: every time you wear *those* shoes, or carry *that* bag, you’ll get a little residual bridal magic.




When it comes to shoes, look for a pair that feels festive, but not necessarily black tie. Any of these options would work well with jeans, too. Flats make an especially chic choice for a fall wedding.




Your wedding clutch should be elegant and dressy, but why not also choose one that’s fun? You likely won’t be clutching it until well into your party, so we say go with one that doesn’t feel overtly formal. These would *also* all look great with jeans, which maybe is our standard for whether or not we’ll get multiple wears out of something.




First things first, we’d absolutely wear any of these picks with jeans, sweaters, sundresses, swimsuits (glam), skirts, shorts, you name it, the answer is yes. If you’re going to invest in jewelry for the big day, think: heirloom pieces that you’d maybe, maybe pass on to your daughter to wear one day.

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