A Step-by-Step Korean Skincare Routine for Brides

A Step-by-Step Korean Skincare Routine for Brides

As told to us by an expert in the field of ‘glowing.’

It goes without saying that wedding planning (especially if you’re going the DIY route, sans planner) can be a full-time, stressful process. And by now, we are all also privy to the fact that stress releases cortisol, throwing off your hormones, and causing breakouts (fun!). Which is literally the last thing any bride—or groom, or anyone—needs in their life before a major event. Having a set skincare routine to follow will not only fight inevitable stress acne by cleaning pores, exfoliating fresh skin, and maintaining moisture, it will also bring order to your mornings and nights. Honestly, masking (plus a little wine) and pampering ourselves with layers of the latest and greatest products is our version of therapy most nights. So we asked Christine Chang, natural Korean skincare expert and co-founder of Glow Recipe (where we’ve lost many hours stuck in a black hole spiral of beauty products and reviews), to break down exactly which products you should use in the AM and PM, step-by-step. Wedding or not, it’ll make your skin look fantastic, so you can worry about one less thing leading up to the big day.

“This is an ideal routine for brides because it focuses on deep hydration, which helps to plump and firm the skin and give it that photo-ready, dewy glow. It's also going to gently exfoliate to slough away dull skin that prevents skincare from being effectively absorbed, so the skin looks ultra-radiant. For best results, this routine should begin 2~3 months in advance of a bride's big day to give the exfoliators and Artichoke Essence time to work their magic, clearing up skin and minimizing visible pores!”




1. Cleanse with SLS-free (i.e., low-irritation) Blossom Jeju Soombi Blooming Cleanser.
2. “Hydrate with bouncy essence toner Whamisa Deep Rich Essence Toner to kick-start hydration.”
3. “Treat and firm the skin with Yuripibu's Artichoke Power Essence.”
4. “Prep for makeup and leave the skin glowing with J. One Jelly Pack.”




1. Melt away makeup and exfoliate, revealing radiant skin with the Salon de Tté Peeling Mask 1-2 times per week.
2. “Treat and firm the skin with Huxley's Oil Essence with 50%+ Sahara Cactus Extract.
3. “Seal it all in with Huxley's Anti-Gravity Cream.
4. “Sheet mask as often as possible with Cupro Sheet Masks that can hold up to 10 times the essence of a normal sheet mask.

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