How Two Fashion Designers Do London and Paris

Maggie Winter & Jac Cameron, Co-Founders of Ayr bring us along for the ride.

How Two Fashion Designers Do London and Paris

First of all, let’s agree on one thing: the denim, white shirts, light knits, simple boiler suits, and wrap dresses you want to wear every day aren’t basics, they’re essentials. And in the essentials game, hardly anyone is doing it better than Ayr. The line is favored by fashion editors (it’s even backed by Leandra Medine), and makes us feel like getting dressed doesn’t have to be a toss up between over-the-top peacocky and schlumpy. You can just, kind of, be.

Anyway, the opportunity to tag along on Ayr co-founders Maggie Winter and Jac Cameron’s inspiration trip to London and Paris was not one that could be missed. So, we insisted they take us along for the whole thing! Here, everything that goes into such a trip—not to mention all the best shopping and nibbling to be done in two of our favorite cities. Is this whole creative journey something we can start implementing for editors, too? That would be nice.


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