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A Lesson in How to Make a Statement With a Single Garment

It’s all in the coat. In collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman.

A Lesson in How to Make a Statement With a Single Garment
All, Alexander Wang
Emily Ramshaw, Laurel Pantin

It goes without saying that you need a coat. It’s a signifier of personal style, and when the temperature begins to drop, it’s a necessity. We mean, you have to survive the walk from your office to Sweetgreen somehow. But things you need are never as fun as things you want (why is that?)—something that we’re pretty sure is proven by the problem we have with putting our money towards our addiction to impractical footwear instead of rent. It’s a simple equation: Want > Need.

The good thing about coats is that as much as you need one, your coat can quickly escalate into the want category as well. And there’s a simple way to do this: Let’s make coats fun, kids! Whether you buy just one this season or a dozen (we recommend the latter to get maximum want gratification), make your coat the statement piece of your look.

Here’s the magical thing: just because your coat isn’t black or grey wool doesn’t mean it won’t do its job. Rather, we’re pretty sure inches-thick white shearling trimmed with embroidered flowers will be way more insulating. The same goes for a plush pot-leaf-print topper from Alexander Wang. Plus, when you choose an anorak overlaid with lace, the sentiment is more “look at me” than “hide me.” It’ll be the most fun practical purchase you’ve ever made, trust us.

Shop the trend online or in-store at Bergdorf Goodman (212.753.7300; 5th Avenue and 58th Street, New York, NY or email 

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