Face to Face With Cartier’s Most Glamorous Pieces... Ever...

As in: Princess Grace's personal collection.

Face to Face With Cartier’s Most Glamorous Pieces... Ever...

In the grand scheme of things that are glamorous and fun, Princess Grace of Monaco’s personal Cartier collection ranks pretty high...ok, actually probably at the very top. In celebration of the Cartier mansion’s re-opening, the brand has temporarily borrowed (and is temporarily exhibiting) a collection of Princess Grace’s personal pieces. 

As Mercedes Abramo, President & CEO Cartier North America told us, “Our history is comprised of beautiful stories, and perhaps the most beautiful of them all is the story we share with the Princely Family of Monaco." Yeah, we could see how that's a thing. “There are multiple ties between the Maison and the Principality—the 1905 purchase by the Princess of Monaco of the sun diamond brooch; 1920 when Cartier became the official supplier of the Princely Sovereigns of Monaco, and, of course, the celebrated engagement ring that was worn on Princess Grace’s wedding day." 

To celebrate exhibition (and, frankly, because we were pretty curious, for obvious reasons), Cartier had us over to get an exclusive sneak peek at the Princess Grace Salon, and of course, drool over the jewelry. 

The exhibition will run through October 15th at Cartier’s 5th Avenue Mansion, and will be housed in the newly opened Princess Grace Salon.


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