Our Editors Share The Story Behind Their Favorite Jeans

Our Editors Share The Story Behind Their Favorite Jeans

Because everybody has *that* pair.

Denim. It’s basically the cornerstone of our otherwise hectic wardrobes. And it’s basically the only thing that’s immune to the monthly Marie Kondo-ing we’ve taken up. We say this about a lot of items in our closet (it’s called justification, guys), but you can actually never have too many pairs of jeans. Plus, as you’ll hear from our editors below,they’re the only article of clothing that really, truly works no matter the occasion. Monday morning work meeting, first Bumble date, Sunday brunch with parents… it goes on and on. And while there may be stacks on stacks of styles of jeans—boyfriend, skinny, dark, light, ripped, raw—this is one place where we tend to play favorites. As in, wear the same pair for maybe five days straight. It also helps we don’t have to wash them that often (is that gross? We don’t know anymore). Below, our denim hall of fame, wherein we pay tribute to the jeans that hold a special place in our hearts. They may not have been our first, but we’ll love them forever.



Alicia Cesaro

Senior Editor

Compared to other editors, I’m not the biggest denim wearer, only because I like to throw on skirts and dresses during the colder months, too. Nonetheless, I wear jeans a lot and have a pretty large collection of washes and fits piled high in my closet. I received this Mother Denim pair as a gift, and they unexpectedly turned into my all-time favorite pair of jeans (followed closely by a pair from an unknown brand I scored in London that I’ve worn so many times they now have actual not-on-purpose holes in them and are thin as paper). Also unexpectedly, these Mother jeans came two sizes too big and I thought I’d never wear them, they’ve since become my go-to and are the closest thing I’ve found to wearing sweatpants (just baggy enough, and super soft) in public—especially key for long flights.



Noah Lehava

Senior Editor

The moment I finally went to a button closure, was the moment I found my perfect denim. Because of my big, ahem, backside, and small waist, zippers always pucker after a few wears. Buttons don’t do that, and because I always go for a high waist—also the only choice for my body type—they flatter all the right places. I love, love, love this Saint Laurent pair, which fit all the above criteria and then some.



Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor

The most-worn pairs of jeans I own are a variety of vintage Levi’s that I’ve amassed over the years and love very dearly. But they were found on thrift racks and vintage sales (and in one case, off a blanket on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach), not on the internet (although I’ve been told Etsy isn’t a bad source). That said, my black Le High straight leg jeans from Frame Denim are right up there with the vintage pairs. They fit like a dream, have high pockets that make your ass look perky, and are comfortable enough to wear on overnight flights (my barometer for ultimate denim ease).



Jodi Taylor

Assistant Editor

The day I found *my* pair of jeans was one of the most satisfying ever. I wasn’t even shopping for jeans that day, yet found myself in Topshop trying on anything and everything (as you do), including a pair of blue, ripped at the knee, tall Jamie jeans. I pulled them on, and suddenly everything felt right—plus, they actually fit me length-wise, which never happens (the blessing and curse of having long legs). Fast forward to me wearing them out pretty much any chance I got, and I was shocked at how many compliments I was receiving. IMO, the perfect pair of jeans make you feel Beyoncé-level confident, and these do just that. Fingers crossed that Topshop introduces a million new washes this fall because a) it’s not easy for a tall girl to find a decent pair of denim and b) I want to live in these forever.



Stephanie Mark

Co-Founder and Head of Business Development

Here’s the deal. I NEVER, EVER wore denim until these babies from Frame came into my life this summer. I always loathed wriggling my way into a pair of skin tight jeans, but the fit of these make getting in and out a breeze! And for once, I liked the way my butt looked. Perhaps the biggest bonus of it all—they’re cute with flats in the summer, and a high heeled boot for fall, too.



Laurel Pantin

Editorial Director

I love everything about Levi’s Kick Flare jeans. From the fact that they come cropped at just the right length to make your legs look long, to the high waist, to the frayed hem (with no stitching so they can fray freely!), to the fact that they’re less than $100. Then, consider that literally every time I wear them someone asks me what they are and how they can score a pair (online, duh), and I know I have a winner on my hands.

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