24 Hours in the Day of the Life of a Wellness Expert

24 Hours in the Day of the Life of a Wellness Expert

Nicole Granato breaks it all down for us.

We’ve chatted with holistic nutrition expert Nicole Granato about everything from which foods sound healthy but actually aren’t, to what key words to look out for on the label of our favorite snacks, and the healthy-ish dishes you can find on almost any menu. But following along on her ilyllic journey—that’s basically a rose-tinted vision of health—through a little medium called Instagram (think: horse riding and rainbow veggie bowls) had us wondering exactly what the health and wellness coach is eating and up to on the daily. So naturally, we had her send us a snapshot of a typical day. As predicted, staying well isn’t a fad, cleanse, or seven day choice, it’s (sorry, guys) a lifestyle. Read on to see what she drinks at bedtime and how she sneaks in exercise without going to the gym.


6:30 AM
I usually wake up around 6:30AM and make a carrot or beet juice with my Juicero Machine. I take the supplements from my line—Detox and Nourish—every day.

Next, I head to the stable to see my horse Jasper, and depending on how quickly I get there I like to ride for about an hour whether it be trail riding, jumping, or​ a long walk in the canyons.

9:30 AM
I get home and shower, get dressed, and make a smoothie with my Detox blender. Or I’ll have avocado toast with multi-grain bread, hemp seeds, lemon, olive oil, garlic, and Himalayan sea salt.

10:00 AM
I block off this hour to write emails and catch up on anything that came in overnight. Since I work with people all over the world, emails come in at all times of the night.

Then I have meetings with my clients whether it be on the phone, on Skype, or in person.

2:00 PM
I grab some kind of lunch around this time. If I don’t make something at home I go for a Macrobiotic Bowl from Café Gratitude, Fermented Bowl from Gjusta, or an epic ​salad from a number of places here in Venice. It really depends on how much time I have in the afternoon.


3:00 PM
Around this time I make a big pot of tea to end the rest of the work day. I love our Gunpowder Green Tea for energy or Hibiscus Love for a nice glow.

Then I either continue seeing clients, write articles, or work on products and new developments and so on.

5:00 PM
I make sure all of my emails are caught up, and then I prepare a to-do list for the next day. With so much going on it really helps me to write reminders both throughout and at the end of the day.

6:30 PM
I take my dogs Brando and Luna for a walk, and go to the gym or for a run. If I do take my dogs for a walk I almost always walk past Moon Juice and grab some Chaga Donuts or a Moon Dusted Milk. The best part of that is the girls usually give me two sample cups of fresh juice or nut milk, which my dogs go wild for!

8:00 PM
I’m really lucky because my boyfriend has discovered the culinary wizard within himself, so he usually makes dinner every night which consists of fresh fish, vegetables, brown rice, fermented foods, salads and avocados!

10:00 PM
I’m pretty much in bed and exhausted by this time so I will make a Lazy Days Tea and ​rest. My boyfriend and I will talk about our day, read a book, or get cozy and watch a show. My current favorite is Ray Donovan, and I’m super excited for The Affair and Homeland to come back.

Before I fall asleep, I like to do some deep breathing and let go of any stress that may be showing up to ensure I get a great night's sleep.

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