October 2016 Horoscopes: Aquarius

October 2016 Horoscopes: Aquarius


If you were looking for a break, you just found it: after three eclipses and a retrograde in September, October will seem incredibly tame in comparison! You’re feeling good on the heels of a lucky new moon in your ideals sector, dreaming of all the ways you’re going to change your life for the better. Here’s how you can make those dreams reality.

On the 7th, Mercury joins Jupiter in your personal philosophy zone, giving you the specific words and ideas you need in order to enact your new manifesto. The more you can live by this motto—it can be as simple or as complex as you like—the more successful you’ll be this year, I promise. Your faith is tested on the 15th, when the sun opposes your ruling planet Uranus in your communication zone. Sometime might call the new you into question, or say that you lost yourself along the way. Everything comes out in the open under the Aries full moon on the 16th, especially with rabble-rouser Uranus in play. Luckily, a square from Mars and Pluto in your twelfth house exposes haters for who they really are. You don’t need them anyways.

When Venus enters Sagittarius on the 18th, you could find yourself hanging with a whole new crew! Sagittarius is the friendship sector of your horoscope, specifically groups, so if something goes down under the full moon, you won’t be lonely for long. You do you, and the people that love you will find you. You’ll be recognized for your hard work once the sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd, and especially so when Mercury follows suit on the 24th. The Scorpio new moon on the 30th magnifies this vibe, and with Neptune sending gleaming rays from your money sector, you’re bound to profit. Looks like your Halloween is going to be golden!

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