Thom Browne’s Jewelry Designer Is Living in Your Dream House

Thom Browne’s Jewelry Designer Is Living in Your Dream House

When can we move in?

Cibelle Levi

Imagine that you knew Thom Browne. Now imagine he’s your best friend and you met years ago when you both happened to be modeling in the same J.Crew catalogue (as you do) and he played your model boyfriend for the picture. Now, if you will, imagine that, after a few years of designing his incredibly beautiful, conceptual and moving womenswear collection, he asks you to design some jewelry for his show, but doesn’t share anything about the show besides one word, like ‘black’ or ‘schoolgirl.’ Throw in a near jaw dropping knack for finding gems on eBay, Etsy, and at junk sales and translating it into just about the coolest home decor ever, and the fantasy you’re ruminating on right now is essentially Sarah-Jane Wilde’s life.

Except Wilde’s life is no fantasy—the jewelry designer and interior decorator is very, very real. And once you get past her intimidating stature and beauty, the fact that she has two Great Danes and a hairless cat called Weapons (seriously), and you start to listen to her stories about her friendship with Browne (they were going to start a band once), her collections of fur, Cartier, and taxidermy, and she walks you through her stunning Bel Air home, well, you quickly figure out how you can make her reality, your reality. We know we were.


Hair: Marina Migliaccio

Makeup: Anna Branson


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