Chloe Sippe

General Merchandising Manager, Moda Operandi. New York.

By: Noah Lehava

Chloe Sippe’s set up is aspirational for a number of reasons. For one, her Brooklyn residence is a minimalist’s dream. Think: floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek clean linear furniture, an ultra edited bookshelf featuring only top favorites and brushed gold accents. Then, there’s her closet, which is the real reason we’re here, friends. As you can imagine, when you’re gig is helming as the GMM of one of the downright most amazing e-commerce sites on the Internet, Moda Operandi, and is known predominantly for its exceptional buys, you're bound to have a personal collection worthy of documentation.

And as you may have also guessed, we were not disappointed. Much like Sippe’s 9-to-5, which requires selecting the absolute best, most-special pieces for MO, her curation skills extend into her personal life, too. Her wardrobe is edited to with eagle eye precision—as in she shares a closet with her husband (shares, guys!). But every piece has been giving its space with intention, like the Blazé tuxedo jacket that’s so perfectly tailored you can’t imagine you’d ever be able to find anything better, or the Proenza perforated black dress that has just the right amount of *detail*. Her jewelry is worth a mention, too: Charlotte Chesnais metal creations that are refined, yet so damn interesting. Honestly, we can only sum it up as #goals (don’t hate us).