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48 Hours in Greece

In collaboration with Michael Kors.

48 Hours in Greece
Renée Rodenkirchen

Pro tip: skip Santorini and Mykonos in favor of more under-the-radar (and thus infinitely less tourist-y) spots. Our trip to Hydra (an itty bitty island off the Peloponnese) may have been short and sweet, but you better believe we maximized our time there. Here’s a little look inside our 48 Hours in Greece.


6:30 PM: After a looooong flight, we finally touched down at Athens airport. We had no time to meander through customs and duty-free, though: we had a helicopter (!) to catch. A #Wonderlust-emblazoned one, to be exact. Told you Michael Kors knows how to do Greece right.

7:40 PM: Fast forward just over an hour later and we were most definitely not in Kansas anymore. To be precise, we found ourselves at Aman's Peloponnese property, the Amanzoe. In case you missed our time at their epic Utah location, allow us to break it down for you: it’s basically the chicest luxury hotel brand. Ever. Every guest gets their own marble pavilion (!) and enclosed private pool. As Jeanne put it, “everybody should have one, no?” And if that doesn't quite do it for you, may we suggest your own villa?

From here, the night was truthfully a blur of rosé, delicious seafood and dancing. Um, jet lag?


9:00 AM: We arose bright and early to catch breakfast at the Amanzoe’s main restaurant—did we mention their executive chef is a Noma alum? There's a reason why Damas swore it was the "most amazing hotel" she'd ever stayed in. We filled up on smoothies and fresh fruit before getting ready for the day ahead.

11:00 AM: We rounded up the troops and headed to Porto Heli Port, a nearby port town. We took Jeanne’s lead in the wardrobe department—she smartly donned a “very simple, easy-to-take-off” navy wrap dress with something to swim in underneath.

11:30 AM: We adventured from Porto Heli Port to the island of Hydra by boat.

12:30 PM: After arriving at Hydra, we made a beeline for Omilos Restaurant, where we filled up on Greek salads with fresh tomatoes, prawns, and freshly caught and grilled octopus. We spent a few hours wandering the island, making time to stock up on the requisite tourist essentials before heading back to the dock.

3:20 PM: After venturing back to Amanzoe by boat from the Wonderlust Dock, we headed to our room for a disco nap.

7:00 PM: A tasting of local Greek wines at the Amanzoe bar. The itinerary described it as optional, but for us, wine is never really optional.

8:15 PM: We met in the hotel lobby before heading to a night of Greek BBQ at Beach Club.


9:00AM: After starting our day off with a little yoga at the hotel spa, we had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel villa.

11:00 AM: With a few hours to kill before lunch, we hung with Jeanne by the pool, getting the nitty-gritty on her travel essentials (never leaving home without a Michael Kors rollerball) and the secrets to French beauty. We mean, when you have a French ingenue and a photographer, it’s kind of hard not to put the two together.

1:30 PM: Catching up (over a cocktail or two) with Lily Aldridge.

2:30 PM: Same place, more cocktails, only chatting with Michael Kors. We never said our jobs were easy.

7:30 PM: After taking another disco nap (we’re currently plotting a way to work these into our actual work days), it was time for cocktails at the Amanzoe’s poolside restaurant. The view can only be described in Jeanne’s words—magnifique. And yes, there was a Boomerang-worthy poolside dance party or two.

8:30 PM: Dinner time! We had a special set menu from the hotel’s chef full of delicacies native to Greece. Think of it as farm-to-table, only that’s how they eat. All the time.

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