Jeanne Damas’ Travel Essentials

All of the must-haves she won’t step foot on a plane without. In collaboration with Michael Kors.

Jeanne Damas’ Travel Essentials

No matter where we are in the world, we have a way of finding ourselves getting all up in people’s… well, everything. And Jeanne Damas, during our recent jaunt through Greece, was no exception. What, like we’re about to pass up the opportunity to raid a French girl’s travel essentials? If anyone’s nailed the whole bare bones, nothing-but-the-necessities packing thing, we’re willing to bet they probably have a similar affinity for wispy blunt bangs and everything else that comes with a French passport. In other words, Jeanne. And wouldn’t you know it? We were right. Our favorite takeaway? Dedicating specific fragrances for special trips, “like a souvenir, to remind me of my trip and my adventures. When I smell the fragrance it helps me to remember all the memories of my trip.” Here’s everything we unearthed in Damas’ carry-on.

Packing List

A Good Book (Jeanne was reading Jim Harrison’s Dalva)

A Wear-Anywhere Dress


Fragrance (Jeanne’s parfum of choice? Michael Kors’ Wonderlust)
“I always feel good when I put a bit of perfume on after a long day of travel–it refreshes my mood.”

Red Lipstick


Classic White Blouse


Trusty Camera

Face Mist

Lip Gloss

Slide Sandals


Travel Tips:

Forget Yelp & TripAdvisor. You usually find the best spots in any city the old-fashioned way: sidling up to a stranger at a local cafe and introducing yourself.

Take your friend's cousin up on the offer when she suggests you connect with her buddy in a city abroad. You never know who you might meet—or how much fun you could have.

Don't give in to jetlag. Do some light exercise the moment you get to your hotel, have a glass of wine, and get an early night's sleep. Don't take a nap and stay up all night later—the worst that could happen by sticking it out is that you'll get up extra early the next day, which means more time to explore!

Always apply a sheet mask the night you arrive at your destination. You'll wake up glowy and solve any flight-induced skin freakouts.

Invest in a Mophie charger. No one wants to be without battery on the trip of a lifetime.

Feeling uninspired about getting out there? Try Instagram. @mattcrump, @dametraveler, @nomadic_habit, @theyoufinder & of course, @graymalin will get you out of your rut.

Photocopy your passport & leave the real thing at your hotel, in the safe. Out of sight, out of mind, and better safe than sorry!

Always pack sunscreen for a day at the beach. Yes, even if you applied it in the morning. Yes, even if you don't plan to go swimming. Can you name a time you haven't brought it and didn't regret it? We thought so.

Take breaks, and allow yourself to actually experience the place you're in. It doesn't need to be a contest to see the most sights. Take a minute, or 60 (or more!), to sit back and soak it all in. 

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