Jane Keltner de Valle

Style Director, Architectural Digest. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

A little more than five years ago, when The Coveteur was still only an idea and nothing existed online, let alone on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest, we somehow persuaded Jane Keltner de Valle, the then Fashion News Director of Teen Vogue, to let us into her apartment and rummage through her stuff. These days, we have an easier time gaining entrance to fashion's fanciest closets (we have a fair amount to show when it comes to our powers of persuasion), but Keltner de Valle is among a small group who believed in what we can only describe as The Coveteur *mission* before we even knew exactly what that was.

So with the celebration of our anniversary top of mind, we decided to knock on Keltner de Valle’s door (since moved from Greenwich Village to Dumbo) again and revisit a closet we love, with a few new Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton additions—among many other things. Happily, the editor is celebrating a lot herself, these days. In the past five years she’s gone from her aforementioned post at Teen Vogue, to Fashion News Director at Glamour, to, just this week, starting as Architectural Digest’s Style Director under Amy Astley’s new vision. Oh, and she’s the happy mom to Roman—one of the most adorable, multi-lingual three-year-olds we’ve ever played hide-and-seek with.

And visiting Keltner de Valle’s beautiful (and huge!) Dumbo loft was new pleasure in and of itself—the new Architectural Digest job suddenly made a lot of sense—as did the fact that she knew exactly what we would need and patiently walked us through a greatest hits of her wardrobe, new and old. There was new Thakoon, Vita Kin, and Céline; and one very special feathered Jason Wu dress we recognized from last time. Let’s just say that after five years we were pretty happy that she let us back for a return visit.