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September 2016 Horoscopes: Capricorn


September 2016 Horoscopes: Capricorn

Most Capricorns prefer the familiar comfort of their professional grind, but under the Virgo solar eclipse on the 1st, you embark on a new adventure. This eclipse in your expansion sector could broaden your horizons with an exotic trip, an ambitious artistic undertaking, or a new course of study. The eclipse is square Mars and Saturn in your spirituality zone, so whatever you encounter could feel like you’ve seen or done it before in a past life. Deja vu, much? It’s opposite Neptune at the base of your chart, making the emotional connection even more potent, but a sync from Pluto in your sign helps you maintain a little healthy skepticism.

Circle the 7th on your calendar! With love goddess Venus, sexy Pluto, and the sun’s golden rays in good angle to your ruler (Saturn), it has romance written all over it. Your dreamy twelfth house and your daring ninth house are both activated, so to quote Drake, “You only live once, that’s the motto.” A couple days later, on the 10th and 11th, Neptune in your emotional sector and Venus in your fame zone force you to balance your feels with the demands of everyday life. Finally, on the 20th, a connection between Mercury retrograde and Pluto in your sign helps you see through the glamour. Your philosophy on love may have changed, but you haven’t.

On the 16th, the Pisces lunar eclipse illuminates the sector of your horoscope that rules connections, both online and IRL. It’s on Chiron, an asteroid named for the centaur who trained Hercules and other greek heroes for battle. It’s a revealing moment that encourages you to be more strategic in the way you communicate, whether written, spoken, or otherwise. This moon is opposite Mercury and Jupiter in your personal philosophy zone, so make sure you don’t overstep your friends and colleagues personal boundaries when sharing your beliefs. A square from Mars could equal gossip or acquaintances trying to undermine you, but you’ll sidestep any drama if you stay in stealth mode and listen to your intuition.

If climbing the ladder (a Capricorn’s favorite pastime) has felt like a slog lately, you’ll be back to your ambitious self once Pluto goes direct in your sign on the 26th. The reason for any hang-ups or insecurities surfaces in your psyche; you’ll file it away, as you do, and keep on working. After Mars enters your sign the following day, you’ll have a month of unstoppable energy and motivation at your disposal.

A Libra new moon on the 30th wraps up the month on a high note, bringing good vibes to your fame sector along with lucky Jupiter newly in the same sign. If you’re hoping to impress important people or accomplish a serious career goal, start on this day or shortly after for best results. A square from Mars and Pluto in your sign gives this moon—and your reputation—extra weight; plus, a positive link to responsible Saturn in your house of dreams says you need only plan for success. The rest will fall into place.

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