Ellington & Coltrane Curtis

Managing Partner, Team Epiphany; 4-Year-Old. New York.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

Experiencing a certain degree of envy comes with the territory when you spend a good percentage of your 9-to-5 digging through other people’s CHANEL and Gucci. The sense of “waaaaant” closely followed by remembering “You can’t have that” is a pretty standard internal monologue when it comes to these closet shoots. When the CHANEL and Gucci belongs to a legendary stylist or a paid-her-dues executive, we get it—they’re well-deserved trophies. When the envy-inducing pieces in question belong to a four-year-old boy…well, to put it bluntly, you simply come to the realization that a four-year-old boy has a better wardrobe than you.

It shouldn't make sense, but in the case of Ellington Curtis, it does. Mostly because his dad is Coltrane Curtis, former MTV VJ and current co-owner (with his equally fashion-y wife, Lisa) of Team Epiphany, a creative marketing agency that works with big guns like Nike, HBO and Heineken. He also happens to be known for his prodigious sneaker collection.

Between Coltrane and Ellington, there were more than enough *rare* Jordans, custom jackets, buttery-leather pieces, and collectible one-offs (like Coltrane’s massive collection of vintage sunglasses and the Public School Nikes made exclusively for 100 of the designers’ closest friends). Also between them, more than enough personality and shared obsessions (sneakers, for one—Ellington couldn’t stop telling us about his brand new Nike Prestos) to keep us shooting past wrap time. And, yes, we managed to get past our feelings of envy with regards to a four-year-old, but the fact remains—he still has a better closet than us.