Looking Back on the Best Moments in Coveteur History

Looking Back on the Best Moments in Coveteur History

Happy 5 year anniversary to us!

First off, welcome to The Coveteur! Whether you visit the site on a daily basis or this is your first time here, we are so glad to have you! The Coveteur started as a passion project five years ago, and it’s been a wild ride ever since that first day. In addition to spending time with incredibly inspiring and passionate people in their homes, we have had the chance to attend amazing fashion shows (Chanel in Cuba and Dior in Tokyo, just to name a few), travel to amazing places (hello, Dubai, Paris, and China!), and, most importantly, grow an amazing team of talented and inspiring employees, all of whom have helped The Coveteur become the business it is today.

All that being said, getting to where we are today was not without blood (who do you think hangs those dresses on those high bookshelves), sweat, and tears. The website you see now (and all the amazing things that are in the works) came as the result of five years of nonstop effort—including moments of exhaustion, and personal sacrifice. But it has been worth every minute. Going through all of that with someone allows us to say that we are truly family. And, of course, we came out the other end with this amazing business and an archive of stories and beautiful images that you’ll only find here.

Lots of exciting things are happening over here at TC HQ. We’re celebrating our five-year anniversary by going back through the archives and showing you, dear readers, all of our favorite stories from the past half-decade—and, believe us, choosing favorites is no easy feat! In addition, we have our very first book coming out in October, and saying it is a labor of love is an understatement. (Pre-order your copy here!) Just as much as we love seeing you here on our site, we would be even more thrilled to have a spot on your coffee table. Stay tuned this week and next as we bring you all the biggest, best, and most iconic moments since we launched back in 2011.

Here's to the next five years together...

Stephanie and Jake

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