The Single Easiest Thing You Can Do to Feel Healthy Today

The Single Easiest Thing You Can Do to Feel Healthy Today

Another quick health fix is here—only it's legit.

I’m only human and, thus, far from immune to anything that seems like a relatively quick fix. This quality is at the root of my new chlorophyll obsession. I don’t remember exactly where, but I spotted someone on Instagram or Snapchat (or whatever new thing that’s going to emerge out of nowhere and ruin our lives) with an inky green dropper of the stuff and was instantly curious. Yes, the little bottled chlorophyll shots at your local juice joint are ubiquitous, but they also cost $10-$12 a pop. There’s something about having a bottle kicking around in your fridge, or even at your desk, that feels like the ultimate health “hack” (ugh)—something sneaky that takes all of 10 seconds to do but gives you an instant overall boost. And, that sense of superiority that comes with doing something that’s very hashtag wellness culture. Y’know?


In an effort to validate my latest kick and investigate the purported benefits—said to include increased energy, cancer-fighting and skin-prettifying antioxidants, and curbed appetites (we can’t be the only ones tempted daily to dig into our lunch aggressively early)—I reached out to those who actually know: Dana James and the girls of Sakara Life. Here’s what they had to say (and why you should Amazon yourself a bottle, ASAP).


Dana James

Founder of Food Coach NYC & LA; Certified Nutritionist


How she was first put on to chlorophyll:

“Biology 101—it's the green pigment in plants. But, more seriously, it was about six years ago, when I was consulting with a raw-food and juice company on their menu and shots. I've been a huge advocate ever since. I'm still drinking the emerald-green water daily!”


Her unfiltered opinion on the taste:

“The taste depends on the brand. The one I use is very mild—it doesn't taste like much.”


Her favorite things it helps with:

“It helps to oxygenate the blood, so I use it to mitigate jet lag. Luxury Aspen hotels are now serving chlorophyll water for that reason.

“It can bind up heavy metals like mercury, so it is a must if someone is eating tuna or has amalgam fillings. Plus, it can help remove pesticides, because we don't always eat organic, even though we'd like to!”


The perfect excuse to get away from your desk:

“A recent study came out showing that when humans consume chlorophyll and are exposed to the light, it produces energy. This is fascinating since we previously thought that energy was only produced via ATP (energy currency) and it came from glucose. So if you want more energy, drink chlorophyll in the sun!”


How she gets her fix:

“By eating green plants or as a tincture that you put into water and drink. I encourage you to do both.”


Whitney Tingle & Danielle Duboise

Founders, Sakara Life


How Sedona life opened their eyes to chlorophyll:

“We've been drinking it since way back. When we were kids, we used to crush up chlorophyll tablets and put them in our water! (Sedona, our hometown, is a special place.)

“Liquid chlorophyll has a mellow, earthy flavor that we've come to love...but you can easily mix it with fresh juice or tea if that's more palatable to you.”


Why they love it:

“If your body is acidic, say, from eating a lot of processed sugar and dairy, chlorophyll can balance it out because it has alkalizing effects. This can lower inflammation—the root of all kinds of illnesses and autoimmune disorders. It also increases oxygen in the blood and provides magnesium, a mineral that's involved in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body—you need it for a healthy brain, bones, muscles and more.”


How they get their fix:

“By eating plenty of leafy, green veggies (like kale, chard and spinach) as well as seaweeds like wakame and nori, fresh green herbs, and matcha. And by drinking a Sakara Night Water at bedtime, which contains chlorophyll along with 72 nourishing trace minerals.”


On that whole Night Water thing… (and why you should stock up before your next night out):

“Our Night Water is designed to flood your system with oxygen and antioxidants to help encourage cellular renewal so that your body can cleanse and repair itself while you rest. The result is lower inflammation, brighter skin, and better digestion. It's also the best preemptive hangover cure we've found! If you've had a few drinks, knock one of these back before bed to guarantee a brighter morning.”

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