The Different Degrees of Plane Beauty

How to become a sheet-mask wearing, mile-high beauty guru.

The Different Degrees of Plane Beauty

There are those who have no problem going full-fledged beauty freak on their flight—face mask, exfoliator and hydrating mist included. Then there are those who have trouble even taking out their mirror to make sure their lipstick isn’t on their forehead after passing out on the stranger beside them. We definitely fall somewhere between the two, mainly because we get thisclose to putting on a sheet mask and then chicken out, worried that we’ll scare the shit out of our fellow passengers. But, I mean, it’s 2016, and *crazy* beauty trends are the norm, so it’s time we all sucked it up and went full-force with our plane beauty. After all, being at high altitude is straight-up awful for our skin, and we shouldn’t have to give up our almost-flawlessness in the name of travel. Which is why we give to you the different degrees of plane beauty. Our advice? Start at stage one and work your way up. In no time at all you’ll be a pro at mile-high beauty and walking off that aircraft looking like Aya Jones.


Stage One

Even though you may not be rushing to apply a face mask mid-flight, you are aware of how bad flying is for your skin and that makeup needs to come off immediately—right!? Three things that should always be in your carry-on no matter what: makeup-remover wipes, hydrating mist, and face cream. Cleanse by Lauren Napier may just be the *best* travel wipes. Made of all pure ingredients, you can use them to take off makeup, but also to prep skin for re-application before descent. Depending on the length of your flight, it’s typically good to moisturize a few times while you’re in the air; use your discretion based on your skin type, but we like to use an antioxidant serum. Pro tip: don’t forget your neck! We’re guessing you already know that we’re fans of hydrating mists, so it should come as no surprise that we’re all for spritzing yourself in regular intervals throughout the flight. All of this can be done from the comfort of your seat, and we urge you to push yourself to do that because, if not, how will you ever make it to stage three?


Stage Two

So now you’ve gotten used to the strange looks you’re getting from the elderly couple across the aisle, or the family two rows up, and you don’t care. Great! It’s time to take things up a notch, though, and add in a few additional in-flight steps. Once you’ve finished removing your makeup, it’s time to apply under-eye patches. Don’t freak out—although it’s close to a face mask, it only covers about a quarter of your face, and in the end it’s worth it because they will help with dark circles that tend to go hand in hand with a long flight. Next, smooth on some face serum from stage one, adding a few drops of rosehip oil to help condition and regenerate your skin. Final touches this time before you land: using a two-step lip exfoliator and hydrating balm. It’s easy to forget about your lips, but they need some loving, too.


Stage 3

At this point you have zero shame in sitting beside a businessman and getting down to business with your toiletry bag full of tricks. A year ago you probably thought no one *actually* did a face mask on the plane IRL. Oh, if your old self could see you now. First off, let’s give a round of applause to the new brand on our radar, Caileur. This site is a one-stop shop for travel-size products. The best part? You can create your own customized travel kit that comes in a clear TSA-approved bag.

So, back to your makeupless self who just finished an eye mask. Next, spritz some sea-salt spray in your hair, and then throw it up into a bun or a loose braid for the rest of the trip. Then it’s time for a sheet mask. Okay, so you might have the flight attendant thinking you’re Jason Voorhees, but who gives a shit? Underneath that mask, your skin is reveling in all its moisturized glory. While said face mask is on, work on massaging cream into your hands and nails, and if it’s a long flight, we suggest you get some shut-eye. Throw on some sunscreen if you’re sitting by the window (you better believe you’re that much closer to the sun’s harmful UV rays when you’re at high altitudes) and a sleep mask. Once awake, you know the drill: face serum, rosehip oil, lip exfoliator and hydrating balm, and this time, add an eye serum for an added glow. When the seat-belt lights come on, head to the washroom to brush your teeth (yes, we’re serious). A swipe of lipstick later and you’re stepping off that plane looking like a supermodel.

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