Lara Estefan-Coppola

Stylist. Miami.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

There are about a million versions of our dream closet: the all-Céline-everything minimalist fantasy; the all-out Christian Louboutin-filled, multicolored dream; the perfect model-off-duty wardrobe. For the most part, with a little bit of fashion sense and a lot of money (or deep credit-card debt), these dreams are achievable. They’re what’s known as closet goals. But the real dream, which no amount of money or sartorial savvy alone can buy, is the inherited closet: the one that’s full of treasures of your own and your forebears (mothers, aunts, sisters). And that only happens if your fam is chic AF.

Which is exactly what Lara Estefan-Coppola has in spades (see: her last name). For one thing, her mother and aunt are globe-trotting Italians who just happen to have collected the best of ’90s Versace and Moschino. For another, her mother-in-law is Gloria Estefan—and that kind of glamour just rubs off, period.

But the thing about Estefan-Coppola’s vintage collection is that instead of being put away in storage, it actually makes up the bulk of her wardrobe, which she wears with her own very special swagger. In fact, she actually started curating a monthly vintage sale, Ropa Vieja in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, where she sells bits and pieces of her own collection with other vendors. (If you’re in Miami, take it from us and the below pictures: get thee to that sale.) And you’d better believe there’s a special story for each and every piece. So, yeah, this is the fantasy: a girl can dream, right?