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The Best Hair Makeovers for Summer

As modeled by our very own Coveteur team.

The Best Hair Makeovers for Summer

Having your hair colored by Marie Robinson is kind of like getting your face touched by Pat McGrath or your portrait taken by Mario Testino—it’s pretty high on our bucket list. Which is why we were pretty—scratch that, very, very—excited when Robinson came to us with the idea of making over three Cov members with summer’s best hair-color trends.

And, no, we’re not going to downplay the whole experience—strolling into the Marie Robinson Salon felt pretty luxurious. Yeah, a lot of “We could get used to this” thoughts crossed our minds. As we sipped coffee, Robinson gave us each the once over, carefully evaluating everything from face shape to eye color and natural hair texture. Then began the coloring marathon: foil after foil was strategically placed upon our heads and we sat under some straight-out-of-the-Jetsons-type heaters, all next to just a few clients from the colorist’s A-list-celebrity roster. While our own personal paparazzo (JK, it was our photographer, Erik) snapped away, the three of us waited in anticipation to see the end result. Many shampoos later, we were poked, prodded, blow-dryed and appropriately fluffed and flipped to reveal the best color jobs of our lives.

To say Robinson is a color genius is kind of an understatement—so before leaving, we had to pick her brain about what we should do before, during, and after to ensure maximum results and keep our hair looking healthy. Scroll down to see the whole thing (including the before and after shots). We’re officially ready for you, summer.



The Looks


Alicia, Editor

Medium Brown



“This color was created with subtle honey lights that are very blended. Brunette or blond dimensional hair color isn't more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color, and it should have several shades very delicately woven in to look like it’s been kissed by the sun. It doesn't matter whether you’re blond or brunette, as long as it looks glimmery, not bright or brassy.”


Alex, Account Director

Sandy Peach



“This color creates subtle interest in light ash-brown hair. Pastel colors are still ‘in’ but only if it does to your skin what makeup does. Skip green, hot pink, and violet, and instead pick shades that are like eye shadows, blush, or lip stains. Choose pastel tones like pale peach, sky blue, or blush pink. Leave a small shadow of your natural root that fades into these tones so you still have some natural contrast but a shimmer of hues that can enhance your skin tone or eye color. These shades will look more ethereal than punk.”


Lauren, Production Manager

Dark Mocha



“Going this dark makes the hair look super-glossy. This isn’t blue-black, just glossy brown-black. It works beautifully with some of the ’70s cuts we’re seeing right now—the longer shag and even bowl cuts. It has an edge to it without being too severe, and it's a color that looks good on most skin tones.”


What do you look for before coloring a client?

“I check face shape, eye color, skin color, hair style, shape, and texture. I look at their features first, and then I work to enhance their natural, prettiest ones by using hair color. I think about whether the color I want to do will be easy for the client to maintain. All three of these looks are very natural, and although there’s color involved, it's meant to be more like makeup for skin and to create a glimmer in the eye.”


How can we maintain the color at home?

“Use shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair. Especially with the ‘sandy peach’ look—if you find that it’s fading, use Christophe Robin Conditioner in copper mixed with regular conditioner so that it looks more peach. Leave it in for five to 10 minutes.”


How long should we wait to shampoo?

“You should typically wait 24 hours [after coloring your hair to wash it], especially if your colorist glossed it.”


Tips for keeping hair healthy afterwards?

“Condition, condition, condition! Don't shampoo daily—every other day or every few days is good. Stay away from heat-styling tools daily as they can burn your hair.”


How can brunettes avoid brassiness?

“Brunette hair is tricky, especially because darker brunettes usually pull red. Shoot for tones that are closer to honey, and try not to eliminate all the gold in the hair so it doesn't lose shine. Highlights that are too light on brunettes can make hair look dull and not shiny; gold and warmer highlights look shinier than ashier tones.”


Advice for those looking to try a new hair color?

“Bring pictures and ask your colorist lots of questions! If it’s a drastic change, find out what the maintenance is and if it will fit in with your lifestyle and budget.”

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