August 2016 Horoscopes: Aquarius


The Leo New Moon on August 2 electrifies your seventh house of partnerships, reanimating any romantic relationships or business connections that had lost their spark. It’s supported by Saturn in your friendship zone, so anyone who’s not serious about supporting your growth long term need not apply. If you meet someone new under this moon, it could be a soulmate of the Carrie-and-Big variety—and yes, friends can be soulmates, too.

Before Uranus was discovered, Saturn was your sign’s OG ruler. Saturn ends his retrograde phase August 13, turning direct and setting stalled progress back into motion. After several months of reconsidering what friendship means to you, it’s time to put those feelings into action. Do you need to edit your social feeds, or limit your time with a particularly extra acquaintance? Your time is precious, and responsible Saturn is encouraging you to treat it as such. When you do, you’ll probably notice you feel more alert, and you have more energy.

This month’s Full Moon on August 18 is extra special: it’s a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are superpowered celestial events, the effects of which will ripple out for weeks, and even months to come. Not only is this one in your sign, it’s also getting good vibes from your ruling planet Uranus in your third house of kindred spirits. Essentially, you’ll experience a big moment of achievement, celebration or closure, and all your friends will be there to cheer you on. The third house is also communication, so writers and bloggers could get a major boost from this moon.