Kitty Cash

DJ. New York. In Partnership with BET.

By: Alicia Cesaro
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Meredith Andrews

When you ask DJ Kitty Cash how she describes her personal style, she says: “Pom-poms, neon, sparkles, feathers, everything!” And judging by her accessories and clothing collection (just take a look—it’s really good), we’d say that’s pretty spot-on.

When we stepped foot in the DJ’s apartment, we were met with a plethora of shoes—the kind you really want to buy but somehow convince yourself not to because they’re not the most practical—dresses, and lots and lots of denim, mostly the sequined variety. The thing is, this kind of wardrobe actually is practical for the up-and-coming, nay rapidly ascending, DJ who cites one of her best career moments so far as that time she looked up to find Beyoncé (!!) dancing to her set (casual). Then, and only then, do sequined jeans make sense as part of your “9-to-5” (10-to-4) work uniform.

A born and raised Brooklynite (she still calls the borough home), Cash went from FIT student to fashion inter before jetting around the world for DJ gigs and hanging with pal Solange (again, NBD). But here’s the catch—Cash is down-to-earth in the most refreshing way. When we sat down to chat, she filled us in on how she got her start (let’s just say it included saving up for turntables instead of Céline), the concoctions she uses to recover from all the late nights and red-eye flights that are par for the course in her industry, and why she censors social media for her fans. And, of course, her first and most favorite pair of shoes.

There’s more where this came from! Head to BET to see the rest of her closet and hear more about Kitty’s denim obsession.