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Wet Hair Hacks

Wash and go. Literally.

Wet Hair Hacks

Obviously, summer is not the time for elaborate morning and evening routines—skincare is whittled down to five-in-one sunscreen formulas and makeup is downsized to the most minimal version of no-makeup makeup (or skipped altogether). Blame it on laziness, the heat or the fact that we have way better things to do (like drinking tequila, swimming, barbecuing, reading and just decompressing as much as possible). The first thing that usually goes? Our hair routines. This is no time for hot tools in ANY form, and we take a zero-fucks-given approach to haircare—meaning shampoo, condition and comb into a wet bun before heading out the door. In the interest of looking semi-put-together (story of our lives) though, we consulted three stylists on their go-to wet-hair routines so you can shampoo, be done and still get beachy waves.


Jessica Gillen

Hairstylist & Extensions Specialist, Marie Robinson Salon

“While your hair is wet, apply a moisturizing cream, like Oribe Curl Control Silkening Creme, which hydrates, holds and fights frizz all day. Whatever you do, don't scrunch—this creates frizz, pushing the cuticle the opposite way it should fall. Instead, twist your hair in big, ropy pieces away from your face and then don't touch it. You can bobby-pin it away from your face while it air-dries if it's in your face.

“After it’s dry, apply a little oil to the ends if they’re looking frizzy. Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil is a great lightweight option. Finish with a light spritz of Oribe Impermeable Anti‑Humidity Spray; tilt your head to the side and spray from underneath so you're not just coating the top of your head in product. If your curls get a little droopy by the end of the day, just wrap the top sections around a curling rod away from your face.”


Justine Marjan

Hairstylist and Editorial Director, Mane Addicts

“I’m all about lazy-girl hair styling, so any tricks for air-drying or wet-hair styling are definitely up my alley! My favorite trick for natural-looking beach waves is the ‘clip trick.’ After towel (or T-shirt) drying your hair, apply a wave spray from roots to ends. For finer hair types, I suggest the OUAI Wave Spray and for coarse hair types Sachajuan Ocean Mist. Then push the hair up at the roots and place a duck bill clip underneath, creating a ‘bubble effect.’ Push the hair up underneath it and place another clip, continuing in this pattern until you’ve created an s-pattern all around the head. Let your hair air-dry, then blast it with a blow-dryer (or drive to work!), remove the clips and you’re good to go!

“For a wet look all day, apply a hair mask to strands and slick the hair back into your desired style. I suggest using a nourishing hair mask like MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Masque—it’s great for hair combed off the face, braided or pulled up into a sleek topknot.”
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